My rich ex ‘auditioned’ me to be his girlfriend by testing if I cared about his money – he made me pay £365 for dinner

CHOOSING your Mr or Mrs right may lead you to ticking off a list of what they must and must not have. 

But when should you ease up on some requests and how do you know if you are taking it too far?

Well, one woman who was left in a similar situation ended up leaving her boyfriend after he put her through a series of “tests” to see if she’s with him for the money. 

One Reddit user @shwnwneneb2929 decided to share the situation she partially got involved in after finding out that her brother, 27, and his girlfriend of six months had broken up.

She explained that her brother started dating a woman, after discovering similar interests but said the pair surprisingly split up despite not having any arguments. 

The Reddit user then went on to say that the girlfriend had explained to her that she was tired of her boyfriend constantly testing him as he couldn’t go off the idea that she was only with him for his money. 


The post talks about the different tasks he would set for her. 

It read: “1. Leaving out his bank statements on their bed and getting upset when she picked it up.

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“2. Going out to eat at high end restaurants he requested and leaving his wallet at home at (SIC) purpose to make her pay the bill and prove she’s not going out with him for money.

“3. Never buying her gifts and questioning her when she asks why he doesn’t.”

The Reddit user then goes on to say: “I was shocked so I had to hear my brothers perspective. 

“We spoke and he told me everything she said was true and that there's nothing wrong with making sure his girlfriend is with him for the right reasons.” 

She said her brother confirmed that he had left his bank statements on the bed and was “peeking through the door to see if she would be curious”.

The Reddit user continued: “So he set up the restaurant idea to see if she would get upset at paying a $500 bill which she was. 

He set up the restaurant idea to see if she would get upset at paying a $500 bill which she was

“I asked him if he thinks her being an elementary school teacher would have contributed to her being upset at a $500 bill at a restaurant he wanted to go to and he said no.”

He then goes onto explain to his sister that the “straw that broke” was her asking why he hasn’t bought her any presents. 

The Reddit use said: “He confronted her and said he thinks she’s with him for his money so she said let me do us both a favour and dumped him and blocked him. He’s upset about the ‘gold digging b***h’ and when I laughed he called me an a**hole.

“He said I would never understand what it’s like being a rich man.” 

And people couldn’t believe her story with one writing: “Only a**hole here is the brother.” 

Another added: “It kinda sounds like He’s a gold digger tbh.”

He said I would never understand what it’s like being a rich man

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