Olivia Culpo Rocks The Tiniest Thong Bikini For ‘Sports Illustrated’ Shoot – Video

Olivia Culpo rocked a tiny thong bikini, held a snake, and more for her ‘Sports Illustrated’ photoshoot.

She’s truly dedicated to getting the best shot! Olivia Culpo, 27, proved that she’s a hard worker in a new Sports Illustrated video on Instagram that documented her photoshoot for the magazine. The former Miss Universe danced around on a beach in South Australia for the gig in a tiny string red thong bikini. She spun around for the camera, and she looked absolutely breathtaking!

The model said in the video that they went to go see Remarkable Rocks, a set of boulders in Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island, Australia, for the shoot, as well. Olivia posed for pics amidst the beautiful landscape view wearing a white crop top and jeans. She said that she “already held a python” for the photoshoot, and next up was the black tiger snake. Olivia said it was one of the top 10 venomous snakes in the world. “Everyone’s so nervous,” she said.

Well everything ended up turning out alright – and Olivia looked beautiful in her photos! It’s hard to believe that the same time this was happening, her ex-boyfriend went on a rant on social media about her! Olivia wrote about the experience dealing with those emotions while having to remain professional in an Instagram post on May 8.

“This was one of my hardest days for personal reasons (as some of you may remember),” Olivia began her caption. “I landed in Australia to shoot these photos with some info that rocked my world. Looking back at this first picture, I know exactly what was going through my mind at the time. I was so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be doing something I had dreamed of, and wished and hoped for since I was a little girl. And I sit here today feeling SO grateful.”

We’re so glad that Olivia was able to put those emotions behind her and take some unbelievable photos for a magazine she had wanted to work with for years. It turned out amazing, and we’re so proud of her!

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