Organised mums battle over which school uniform station is best as some go all out and others say coat-hangers will do – The Sun

AS any parent will tell you, getting the kids ready or school in the morning can be an absolute nightmare, especially after so many months of homeschooling and summer holidays.

But many mums have taken steps to make the mornings less manic by implementing "school uniform stations" to help their kids get into a seamless routine.

The thing is, no one can agree on what the best kind of station is best, with some mums splashing out on extravagant personalised stations while others say coat-hangers will do for their kids.

Some have opted for carefully labelled boxes, with some even inscribing them with messages and slogans to make mornings cheerier for their little ones.

Meanwhile thrifty parents have opted for hooks or tubs – with one mum admitting she stashes the kids' school clothes right next to the TV in the living room.

Here are some of the most organised set-ups helping busy mums.

Bright and beautiful trays

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one mum revealed how she has a set for her daughter made up of eight drawers – one for every day of the school week, with an extra for reading books and homework.

Captioning the photo, she wrote: "For a mum who always seems to be looking for something or getting stressed about school in the morning this is a brilliant thing to have.

"It's also helping my child have more ownership over his own abilities of getting ready in the morning!"

However, cash-strapped mums were turned off by the price, with the woman admitting she had paid £29.99 from B&M."I thought that looked awesome till I saw the price," one mum wrote.

Hooks and hangers

Not everyone was so keen on folding school uniforms away into drawers.

Some, like this doting mum, have opted to hang them up so they're crease-free when that morning alarm goes off.

Wonderful wardrobe

Others have made even more extravagant school stations around the house.

One mum confessed she had dedicated an entire wardrobe to her daughter's school uniform, shoes and coat.

She said: "It saves arguments in the morning."

Savvy storage

Meanwhile, an inventive mum who didn't have space found a way to build school stations in her living room, using an Ikea's Kallax cube unit – and you'd never know.

She wrote:"Two kids, four cubes per child. Everything happens in the TV lounge!"

Bargain boxes

Not content with just storing her kids' school clothes away in boxes, one ultra-organised mum went as far as labelling them for every day of the week.

Ahead of the school week, the mum folds the clothes they'll be wearing for school each day and places them in boxes labelled with each of the school days.

With the help of her nifty system, the woman's children have a smoother start to their day.

Going with the flow

Some mums are forgoing the stations, letting their kids go with the flow instead.

One mum admitted she makes up piles of clothes for each of her four little ones every night.

Though she has tried the station system, the mum admits she ends up laying everything out for her kids the night before school anyway.

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