People can’t believe my son was potty trained at six months but it’s easy – you just need to make the effort

POTTY TRAINING is a daunting task for many adults, right?! 

Many parents are terrified at even the thought of potty training and accept that changing nappies is going to be a big part of their baby’s life for the first few years.

But now one mum in the US, has gone viral on TikTok after revealing how her son began using a potty by himself from the age of just six months.

Now aged one, TikTok user @montessori.mothering revealed her son is able to go “on the potty 90 per cent of the time”.

The woman used a technique known as elimination communication to get her tot potty trained.

This technique involves putting a baby on a potty whenever they signal that they need to go to the toilet.

And this technique starts from an early age, rather than waiting until 18 months old which is when many parents start to potty train their children. 

The TikToker is raising her son in a “Montessori-ish childhood” and explained that you shouldn’t wait until your baby is two to start potty training but instead should start young. 

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In a video explaining how she trained her son, the mum explained that she began by putting him on the potty “every two to three hours” and “at least every time they wake up and after eating”.

She advised people to “make potty training fun” and “give a special toy/book” to your child to encourage them. 

She added that it is important to “look for clues” that your child needs to go to the toilet, such as a grunting red face.

As well as this, she recommended using only cloth nappies or training underwear, as “baby feels wetness and knows when they peed.” 

In another videothe mum explained that elimination communication toilet training could start “from birth” by “observing your baby’s cues to go, usually after sleeping or eating” and by introducing a “sound or cue”.

She also confirmed: “You can start whenever! Some people start at newborn!” 

She advised to “make it fun with boys or toys.” 

Her TikTok videos on the toilet training method have racked up a whopping 1.7 million views.

Many TikTok users were very impressed with this potty training method and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “You’re a God! I will protect you at all costs.” 

Another added: “Very very tempted to do this…” 


Many TikTok users shared in the comments their experience with elimination communication.

One TikToker shared: “We love EC and started as early as 6 weeks.” 

Another explained: “EC is awesome. every catch is one less diaper I have to wash, plus baby has better BMs on the potty.” 

There were also many users in the comments that shared their potty training experiences.

One user commented: “We just started with our almost 9 month old and two pees this week in the potty already!”

Another said: “My son just turned 2 and is completely not interested :(“

A third added: “Tried this, my baby got bored of sitting on a potty. She stands up and goes straight to play before peeing.” 

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