Princess Diana’s emerald choker that got stuck on royal’s head is worth a huge £15million

John Travolta reflects on his 1985 dance with Princess Diana

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Princess Diana was given a plethora of stunning jewels by the Queen when she joined the royal family in 1981. One of these was a diamond and emerald choker that Diana last wore on her 36th birthday.

The Art Deco diamond and emerald choker was given to Diana as a wedding gift from Her Majesty.

The Queen had the rare necklace in her collection thanks to her grandmother, Queen Mary, who was gifted the piece in 1911.

Mary received the choker from the Delhi Durbar during her visit to India with King George.

Although there are few photos of Diana wearing the emerald and diamond piece, the images that do exist are iconic.

Once, when Diana sported the jewel, it wasn’t around her neck but on her head.

The fashion forward princess wore the choker as a headpiece instead of as a necklace.

Diana is pictured with the piece just inches below her blonde fringe as she danced with Prince Charles at a dinner in Melbourne.

This was during the couple’s tour of Australia in 1985.

Diana donned the piece with matching emerald and diamond dangling earrings and a phenomenal blue dress.

The dress was tied at one shoulder in a huge bow and featured a tight bodice and a billowing satin skirt.

Although the look was very on trend, a royal expert claimed the choker as a headpiece was in fact a mistake, and Diana did not intend it to be worn on her head.

In her 1997 book The Royals, royal biographer Kitty Kelley said the necklace got stuck as the princess tried to get it over her head and around her neck.

As she had nobody to help her clasp the necklace around her throat, Diana decided to put it over her head.

When it got stuck and wouldn’t go over her nose, Canadian diplomat Victor Chapman convinced Diana to wear it as a headpiece instead, according to Kitty.

Leading diamond expert Max Stone, of jewellers Steven Stone, commented on the look.

He said: “Whether this was an accident or not, wearing the choker as a headpiece was a wonderful choice.

“The diamonds in this piece alone are magnificent, looking to be around 10 carats each.

“They are old cut stones, which makes them even more valuable.”

Max estimated the value of the choker, saying: “While it’s so difficult to put a value on a piece like this that has such a rich history, it could be worth from £10million to £15million.”

Diana must have liked the way the choker looked on her head as a year later, in 1986, the young royal wore a sapphire and diamond necklace as a headpiece in Tokyo.

The choker was velvet and decorated with tiny diamonds, featuring one large sapphire stone at its centre.

Interestingly, the last time Diana wore the emerald and diamond choker was to celebrate her 36th birthday in 1997.

The princess wore the necklace around her neck for the occasion and paired it with a Jacques Azagury floor-length black gown.

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