Savvy mum gives her 'horrendous' kitchen worktops a complete revamp for just £18 thanks to B&M bargains

IF you’re fed up with the sight of your kitchen but you can’t afford hundreds of pounds to transform it, why not take inspiration from this savvy mum.

Charlene Da Cova, 34, a mum of four from London, hated the look of her plain worktop but didn’t want to spend a fortune refitting the space.

Instead, she managed to turn her kitchen from drab to seriously fab – and it cost her just £18 thanks to self-adhesive marble vinyl and silicone from B&M.

Charlene told money-saving community "After moving into my new flat and panicking how I was going to afford to redecorate, I took to social media looking for affordable ideas on how to renovate my kitchen.

"When we moved in, we were told our kitchen would be refitted, but we've been put off so many times by our landlord, we thought about leaving it and living with it the way it was.


“But the more time I spent in there the more, the more I hated the sight of it and decided I would do it myself on a budget.

"Walking into my kitchen put a real dampener on me wanting to spend time in there cooking because of how it looked, and I love cooking."

Charlene took inspiration from Instagram where she came across the handy self-adhesive.

"I thought ‘wow, that looks amazing!’ she said.

And continued: "I went and did a bit of shopping in B&M one day and spotted the self-adhesive for £8.99.

"I thought ‘wow, well that's a lot cheaper than a whole new worktop and if it goes wrong it's not a huge loss’.

"So I grabbed this beautiful marble look and headed straight home very excited."

Charlene is over the moon with her kitchen overhaul and says self-adhesive vinyl is a fantastic item to use when redecorating on a budget.

She said: “I took my self-adhesive, a bank card to smooth it out and some silicone to fill the edges.

“It took around half an hour and cost me a total of £18 with the silicone.

"I was over the moon with the final result.

“When I finished I was amazed about how nice it looked.

"I've also since found out you can use this on cupboards, fridges, washing machines and doors.

“It’s such a great item to redecorate on a budget.”

Tom Church, co-founder of, comments: “Self-adhesive vinyl is a fantastic tool for transforming kitchens, bathrooms and more.

“It’s affordable, easy to get the hang of, and really quick to use.

“Charlene’s bank card trick is a great way to make sure the finish is really smooth.

“It’s certainly a lot better for the bank balance than splurging on a new kitchen, and no one will know the difference!”

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