Savvy shopper scoops up 13 bottles of shower gel for 25p each in Tesco but gets instantly shamed for stockpiling – The Sun

CHRSTMAS can be a difficult time of year when the purse strings are already tight, so people are looking for a way to make a saving.

But when one savvy shopper made the most of a sale on shower gel reduced to just 25p a bottle at her local Tesco, she was cruelly shamed by people who say she's 'selfish'.

She shared a snap of her impressive haul on Facebook, showing off 13 bottles of Right Guard Coconut Water shower gel which came to a grand total of £3.25.

Usually a 250ml bottle will set you back at £1.99 a pop, as sold in Ocado.

Writing on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the woman wrote: "My first proper bargain.

"Picked up some for family too at that price… bonus it smells amazing."

But while the post has racked up hundreds of likes, people slammed her for taking home so many bottles in one go.

Some pointed out that supermarkets have imposed limits on how many items you can buy in bulk in order to stop people from panic buying during lockdown.

One woman wrote: "It does say in Tesco 3 only !! Lol."

Another commented: "You should put some in for food hanks they take toiletries also people would be delighted for them at this time of year with all the other expenses."

However, others stuck up for the thrifty shopper, claiming she has every right to stock up when she sees a good bargain.

"Ooh, I'm waiting for the 'You're selfish' posts now," one woman wrote. "Well done on grabbing a bargain, pretty sure most that moan would too, I mean we are in a bargain group."

A second said: "You’re so selfish. Talk about not leaving any for anyone else.

"Just kidding I would’ve took loads myself. Love anything to do with coconut. Good find."


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