Shoppers rave about 79p Asda & Wilko product that turns pillows and sheets bright white | The Sun

A MIRACLE 70p product on sale at ASDA and Wilko has left shoppers raving over its ability to turn pillows and sheets bright white.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group – which has 627,000 members – one member enquired about the best way to keep her sheets pearly white.

She wrote: “New white company bedding. What is the best washing method to keep it white – other than just a whites wash?"

Many commented with near-unanimous endorsement for one product in particular.

One user wrote: “Dr Beckmann white sachets,”

Another agreed: “Dr Beckmann.”

Dr Beckmann Glowhite is a popular household product and retails for a meagre 79p from Asda. The miracle solution also stacks the shelves at Tesco, Wilko and Sainsbury's.

Sweat as well as creams and lotions you use throughout the day can cause stains on sheets, pillows and duvets.

Instead of binning those items, it appears that an antidote is less than a quid away – a welcome price in a crippling cost of living crisis.

As well as praising the product, others were keen to share their tips for maximising the product's efficacy.

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One warned: “Make sure it's a full load I know sounds weird but ensuring this helps washing to be cleaner…. I also tend to do a cold rinse before the main wash … don't do the short wash.”

Another added: “White vinegar in softener tray, bicarb, always white and smells lovely for longer. Doing this for years. Good luck.”

A third member advised: “Wash only with other white items, add Napisan to wash and when possible hang outside to dry in sun.”

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