Stumped mum asks for help with daughter’s maths homework… but no one can agree on the right answer

A DESPERATE mum has asked for help with her daughter's maths homework after it left the pair completely stumped.

After attempting to work it out herself, the woman sought out help online, asking for a handy mathematician to solve the algebra equation.

The baffled mum shared a photo of her daughter's schoolwork in the Family Lockdown Tips and Tricks,  admitting it had her scratching her head.

She wrote: "Are there any mathematicians out there who can help with my daughter's homework?

"She can't remember how to do b) and it's been 26 years since I did any maths."

Many people took to the comments to offer their suggestion, even attempting to write it out themselves before sharing pictures of their hand-written solutions.

But despite many attempts, it seems no one could agree on the answer, instead suggesting the woman turn to YouTube or apps such as Photomaths to help solve math-based problem.

Many suggested the answer is "X to the power of 2 over 3", and while it seemed to be a popular solution, it left many people more confused.

"What age do they do this? Just curious so i know when its time to kick them out," one woman joked.

Are there any mathematicians out there who can help with my daughter's homework?

And another admitted: "When on earth do people use these? I'm 47 and don't think I have ever had to use these sums in my life?"

"I did A-level Maths and can’t remember this," said a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth admitted: "If I wasn’t confused enough reading the question I’m now even more confused reading the answers?! Power?!?! 2/3 of an X !!! But what the hell is X?!"

A teacher even chimed in and said: "As a teacher my top tip would be to leave it and tell her teacher that she didnt understand it. That way her teacher can show her again, the way she's already being taught.

"I'd rather a kid turn up with no homework and a willingness to learn, than a stressed out pupil/family and completed homework that was done with the help of 100 strangers on facebook!"

So do you know the correct answer?

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