These $15 Gel Pads Make Any Pair of Shoes Instantly More Comfortable – Even Sandals

If you have a pair of shoes that you love, but always seem to end up leaving you with blisters and sore feet, pulling them on can feel bittersweet. Luckily, there's a solution that can make them way more comfortable — and it even works for sandals. Walkize metatarsal pads provide "instant relief" to the ball of your foot in just about any kind of shoe, and they cost just $15 for two pairs.

Over 4,400 Amazon shoppers have given the adhesive-backed shoe inserts a five-star rating. They're ergonomically shaped to align with the toes, and they have a layer of gel that cushions the ball of the foot with every step. Because they relieve pressure on the foot, they also make it easier to stand for longer periods of time without developing soreness. Walkize metatarsal pads are also practically invisible when you're wearing your shoes — so you can use them in low-profile heels and even sandals.

Reviewers are impressed at how well they can transform an otherwise uncomfortable pair of shoes. "Let me begin by saying, this product is truly remarkable," wrote one. "I used the foot pads on a pair of heels I had worn previously which left me with significant foot pain. I purposely waited until yesterday to wear them for a party. Needless to say, I was dancing two to three hours straight without any discomfort, not to mention standing on my feet for another two hours."

Buy It! Walkize Metatarsal Pads, $14.97 for two (orig. $16.97 for two);

"I found a pair of strappy sandals I fell in love with but couldn't make it more than a few steps," another customer wrote. "I don't understand the science of these things, maybe a combination of softness and antislip, but they 100 percent work. They are easily hidden in shoes and I like the adhesion is sticky enough to hold, but not sticky enough that you can't move the placement for the right fit or even put them into another pair of shoes."

Shoppers also say that the metatarsal pads help keep their feet in place in shoes that are slippery or slightly too big. While many use them for heels, they also work just as well in flats. The pads can be removed easily from shoes without damaging them, but they don't slide around while you're wearing them. Some reviewers are so happy with them, they've purchased multiple pairs.

For just $15, Walkize's metatarsal pads can transform the uncomfortable sandals you've banished to the back of your closet into your new go-tos.

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