This Detangling Brush With 31,000 Perfect Ratings Leaves Shoppers "In Awe" Every Time They Use It

Waking up in the morning with what my mom used to lovingly call a "rat's nest" is something I've dealt with all my life as someone with medium-fine hair. Anything from a strong breeze to a night spent tossing and turning transforms my hair into a knotted mess. Others with a wide range of textures that coil, curl and otherwise twist into tangles know the struggle. 

But more than 31,000 perfect ratings on Amazon point to a solution in the Crave Naturals Detangling Brush. What makes the brush different from others you've unsuccessfully tried to use on your unruly mane is its shape. Crave Naturals says that this Original Glide Thru Brush fits comfortably in your palm to help it easily glide through hair, plus it has firm, cone-shaped bristles that are flexible and work with the hair in a sideways motion (as opposed to straight down) to gently loosen tangles instead of ripping them out of your head. Aside from preserving your hair, one of the best things about this brush is the $12 price point. And shoppers love both.

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"This brush has been the best thing for my natural hair," one shopper writes. "…When I bought this detangler, I used it during a deep condition and couldn't believe how my curls seemed to melt around it. What used to take hours has now been chopped down to about 26 minutes. When I looked at the brush, there was nearly no shed or broken hairs left behind. I've thrown every other detangle tool away (though I decided to keep my fingers). So, overall, 10/10 would purchase again. Only thing that really upsets me about it is that I didn't make the decision to purchase it sooner. This detangler has my loyalty for life."

Another person writes that it's their daughter's hair — which they describe as "tight, red curls "— that this brush has been able to work through with ease. 

"Incredible product for horrible tangles!" their review begins. "I am in awe every time I use this brush on my 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter. She has tight, red curls and for over a year (since she's had enough hair to comb), she has complained or run away or cried when I tried to comb through her tangles. I had to bribe her, distract her, use tons of products, and still had no ideal solution. I took a chance on this brush and every single day, I feel like this is the best purchase I have made in a very long time. I need zero product and can brush through my daughter's hair with zero complaint, pain, or difficulty."

"If you're not sure whether to try it, try it!," they continue. "…I'm astonished and so pleased!"

Follow the advice of shoppers who are blown away by the Crave Naturals Detangling Brush and order one for yourself (or your kids) from Amazon today.

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