What the Full Moon means for your star sign and why it's FINALLY time to raise those relationship bugbears

THE NEXT Full Moon, the Hunter's Moon is on October 20th, in the sign of Aries.

Full Moons are an emotionally charged time of the month, and therefore a good time to pause for self-reflection, the Hunter's Moon favours thought over action.

With the Full Moon in Aries, this is the ideal time to think over past events, release any baggage holding you down, finalise projects and start planning your next move.

This particular Full Moon occurs when the Sun in Libra forms an opposition to the Moon in Aries, Aries and Libra are opposite poles and as such, this Full Moon is likely to bring forth emotional discussions with people close to us about how we REALLY feel about them and our relationship.

Issues about boundaries, power dynamics, control, equality, and fairness are all on the table, and ready to be analysed.

This need for self-reflection is due to imbalances in your romantic relationship, but it could extend to a beloved friend, family member, or even a boss/colleague if you work closely together. You’ll KNOW where you feel that discord the most.

Let the tarot help you shape what you need to say. Let the cards guide you towards what you need to correct.

ARIES- Four of Swords

What you need to consider and express – Someone is putting undue pressure onto you, and it’s tiring and draining. You have tried to jump through all of their hoops, but the asks never end, the results are never quite good enough, the demand seems endless. You need to stop giving. Tell them this is unfair, point to specific examples. Tell them you need a break.

What you need to do – Less is more. Take a break. Withdraw from tension or conflict (your actions haven’t resolved it, so let it take care of itself for a while). You’re in danger of burn-out if you keep banging your head on a brick wall. Turn away. Do something restful and relaxing instead. Recharge.

TAURUS- Ten of Cups

What you need to consider and express – Relationships ebb and flow, and partners feel differently about each other over time. Sometimes you might be putting more into it, sometimes they might. You feel, right now though, that you aren’t getting back what you’re putting in, and this makes you feel insecure. You need to feel loved. You need overt, tangible gestures and words to reassure you. Tell them.

What you need to do – Invest in your love life. Say your piece, but follow it up with your own loving gestures, romantic invitations, kindness, and compliments. Create an atmosphere of pleasure and romance, and it will surely attract and generate that energy. If you’re single, this is a GREAT time to instigate something new, say hi to those you fancy, and take things to the next level with those you’re dating.

GEMINI- Five of Cups

What you need to consider and express – There is a loss, regret or grief from the past that is causing disquiet or unfair treatment in your relationship now. Perhaps one of you misbehaved in the past, and the other can’t let it go. Perhaps an ex is still causing tension. Perhaps a life event (death, divorce, job loss) has created self-limiting beliefs or thinking. The key is always to look ahead. Accept what’s happened, but focus on how you both react to it, and what plans for the future you’re making now. Take back control.

What you need to do – Acknowledge the thorn in your sides and try to heal it. Talk about it, but don’t get stuck there. Don’t stare at the past, or use it as an excuse, or overthink it all. It’s done. Focus your joint energies on looking ahead, making plans, creating a life to look forward to.

CANCER- The Hermit

What you need to consider and express – Sometimes it’s hard to reboot a relationship whilst you’re still in it, because your roles are set and playing out automatically like a bad habit. Sometimes, taking a break, a brief separation, some space, is the healthier and faster route to identifying what needs fixing. Get some space right now. You need to re-set your perspective. You need to get out in order to look in and see what’s broken.

What you need to do – Seek solitude. Think for yourself. Take yourself and your life seriously. Put your agenda and needs front and centre, and see where this relationship does, and does not, serve them. What are you sacrificing or compromising on, and is it truly fair? If it’s not, fix it. 

LEO- Page of Coins

What you need to consider and express – This phase of your relationship is a definite learning curve and the obstacles or imbalances you’re experiencing are likely to be related to money, work, home or health. You have a different opinion, and you’re butting heads. Try to see this an opportunity to learn, and try to understand their point of view before doing anything else.

What you need to do – Slow down. Take it steady. Seek to understand before you take any action or release your own thoughts or ideas. You don’t yet have the full picture, and you can’t work with surface stuff – it’s time to get to the deeper drivers and the root causes of this ‘schism. Talk! 

VIRGO- Seven of Swords

What you need to consider and express – You are definitely feeling the impact of an imbalanced relationship and, furthermore, you suspect they’re not being entirely kind / wholesome / honest / respectful either. You might be right, my friend. You’re too good to accept shady treatment. Think about who your trust is wavering with and change how you interact.

What you need to do – Protect your own interests and agenda. Guard yourself. Withdraw from this. If in doubt, take a time out. Don’t expose yourself to this person any longer. It won’t do any harm to be cautious and pull up the drawbridge for a little while. Watch them carefully, in the meantime, because they’re about to show you who they really are.

LIBRA- Temperance

What you need to consider and express – Circumstances have changed and the shifting sands have altered where you stand with this person. It is an external influence that has triggered this insecurity or unfairness, but you don’t want it to become the ~new normal~ or take root in your dynamic. Try to attack the issue, not each other.

What you need to do – Give yourself plenty of time and space for your emotions and feelings to catch up with the circumstances. We often KNOW stuff has happened or changed, but don’t truly, deep down, BELIEVE it. Let things sink in. Acknowledge that there have been changes and, as a result, your relationship needs to adapt to this. That starts with your internal beliefs and values, and spreads out to include theirs. This is an evolution.

SCORPIO- The Chariot

What you need to consider and express – You need to feel, and be, in control of your destiny, and currently you do not. Someone has a hold or influence over your ambitions and progress that you feel uncomfortable with. It could also be related to travel, home changes, location moves. Think about where you wish to regain control over your future plans and actions. Start to have those conversations.

What you need to do – Take control. Be the ~doer~ not the ~done to~. If you put yourself first, and your goals, what would be different? Make that happen. Make changes to who has say over what gets done. You’re a natural leader, an alpha, and you need more sway in things. Go get it.


What you need to consider and express – I think you might secretly believe that someone’s affection or attention has drifted away from you, and is heading elsewhere, that you have competition and you don’t much like it. They’re not really admitting it, but you FEEL it. Don’t go off on one. Perhaps distract yourself with other fun stuff too. You can’t force this. Let it ride out, but watch closely. In the meantime, you do you.

What you need to do – This phase heading towards you is perhaps making changes to who you spend time with and how much energy you invest, to a degree. Relationships need to be reciprocal. There may be phases where they’re not (and this might just be a phase, and if so, ride it out). If things don’t improve, get ready to have it out.

CAPRICORN- Ten of Coins

What you need to consider and express – You’re ALL about the long game and playing for keeps, building a secure and comfortable ~nest~ with someone you can trust and rely on. If it’s not real, serious, and committed… you’re not interested. You are pressure-testing your relationships against these ideals, and some are perhaps coming up short. Consider who is here for the long haul.

What you need to do – Know who your keepers are in love, friendship, and acquaintances and invest your time and energy accordingly. It’s not wrong for bonds to be more fun or fleeting, it doesn’t devalue them, BUT it does mean you should recognise them as that, and emotionally align with that energy. Don’t go all in on people who are passing through. Build with those you know are going to be with you for life.

AQUARIUS- Four of Coins

What you need to consider and express – Groundhog Day, some of your connections and time spent with people close to you feels like that sometimes, and it’s bothering you. Spontaneity, exploration, and adventure are important to you, and unless you FORCE that with some people, it just doesn’t happen. You end up doing the same old, perhaps you need a little break.

What you need to do – Shake things up. Whatever routines and rituals you’ve established (even unknowingly) with people you feel like it’s Groundhog Day with, change them. Take a little break and then return with a fresh set of timings, ideas, and energy. See what happens. It’s not your job to make life interesting, but also bear in mind they’re not perhaps as quick-silver or fun-seeking as you are. Give this a chance.

PISCES- Six of Wands

What you need to consider and express – Your relationships are always centre-stage in your life, because you’re a genuine people person and you care deeply for others. This card hints that, largely, all is well with your loved ones and things feel balanced and harmonious. You’ve been through hard times, come out the other side, and appreciate each other. Celebrate this state of play!

What you need to do – Consolidate your favourite relationships this Full Moon by creating celebrations and appreciations for those you love and like. Tell them how great they are, how they enhance your life, how they make you feel and what you love most. Show gratitude for the joy and fulfilment your bonds bring to you.

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