Woman reveals amazing hack to stop your drain from clogging – and all you need is tinfoil

A WOMAN has shown what she has dubbed her "favourite life hack" to help your sink from clogging and it is so easy.

Showing how she prevents grease and oil from clogging her drain when cooking, she explains that all you need is one sheet of tin foil.

Sharing a video on her TikTok platform under the domain im_paige_ the woman shows how she places a sheet of tin foil in the sink and pushes it into the opening of the drain to make a cup.

She then pours the leftover cooking grease from her pan, into this tinfoil cup in the sink.

In the video titled "Once it hardens just throw away! Easy mess-free clean up," she says that this is her "favourite life hack."

Adding commentary to the video she says: "Show me the life hack that you randomly saw one day, that is not an unconscious standard practice in your life."

"I'll go first" she continued as she poured the grease into the tin foil.

The video has over half a million likes and has been shared over 52K times.

The life hack post itself has had over 21 million views on the platform.

Paige has almost 30K followers and shares many cleaning and life hacks on the platform.

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