Woman ridiculed for trying to give away a second-hand sex toy on Facebook – as people joke ‘someone’s found a boyfriend’

IT'S not uncommon to give away some things you no longer need or want.

But while clothes and homewares are among the most common second-hand goods flogged online, one woman tried to pass off a used sex toy – and claimed it wasn't hers.

The London-based woman shared a photo in the Free Stuff South London Facebook group, offering to give away a bag of unwanted goods

But many looked past the old towels and a pair of old leggings after spotting what looked to be a bright pink dildo and another unusual looking sex toy, insisting they would think twice before re-using it.

One person joked that the poster had "found a boyfriend" therefore she no longer needed her vibrating friend.

While another tagged a mate suggesting she scoop it up quick smart to keep her company throughout the second lockdown.

Plenty of others took the opportunity to have a much-needed laugh, with one woman joking: “I’ve got one of those… it’s not my favourite but it’s right up there.”

Despite the comments, the poster insisted it wasn't hers, and even tried to say the purple item in question is a "suction pump" and not a sex toy like everyone had thought.

But regardless of what is was it certainly provided a laugh for the day.

We do have to wonder, though, if anyone happened to pick them up….

But it's not the first time something similar has happened as a mortified woman accidentally donates VERY personal items to a charity shop… then returns to ask for them back.

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