Woman shares ‘genius’ hack for getting hard-to-reach crumbs out the oven with a straw – and people love the idea – The Sun

CLEANING the oven is an arduous task we often put off for weeks on end.

Getting into every crevice and ledge can be ridiculously fiddly – not to mention very frustrating – which is why a hoovering hack has gone down a storm with mums online.

The clever cleaning hack uses the top of a fast food drink lid and straw to create a mini suction hoover.

Taking to the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, one woman gushed about the smart method.

She wrote: "After years of not being able to reach the crumbs in parts of the oven, this was the answer."

Fellow Facebook users have flocked to the post to sing the hack's praises – and to vent their frustrations.

One woman fumed: "Given all the useless attachments that come with most vacuum cleaners they should jump on this and include a straw attachment. We could all use that!"

Another chimed in: "Good for cleaning tracks with the dead flies in on windows too."

A third person said: "My other half made me something very similar for exactly the same thing using multiple straws taped together, then taped to one of the small attachments.

"Worked a treat and works in the car too."

Others cleaning fanatics bookmarked the post and have vowed to give it a go in the future.

"The creativity that some awesome people come up with is just mind blowing." one woman mused. "So cool I’ve taken a screen shot for future use."

The hack comes weeks after another mum was praised for sharing her way to get dust out of hard-to-reach areas by using a bunch of straws. 

Better still, the cleaning hack is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some fast food.

One woman joked: "I better get a large chocolate thick shake to try this out."

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