You're brushing your hair all wrong…beauty expert reveals exactly what to do so it grows thick and prevents hair loss

IT’S difficult to know whether you are really looking after your hair properly – or if you are doing more damage than good. 

But fortunately social media has allowed for many beauty experts to take to the platform and share their knowledge, which is all available at a click of a button. 

And Afsennah is doing exactly this. 

She has shared  an endless amount of videos on her page to help get her followers' hair looking and feeling as thick as hers. 

And she claims it is all down to how you brush your hair, and what you do after brushing it. 

In one video she shows her hair growth journey as it went from thin, to thick and long after inventing her own hair care routine. 


She uses a hair and scalp roller once a week. 

And then adds a hair oil to her roots, before wrapping her hair in cling film so the oils don’t dry out. 

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She then wraps it in a fabric headscarf, and then leaves it in for a minimum four hours. 

Afsennah’s followers praised her for sharing with one writing: “Literally she saved my hair!!! I have pictures before and after and results are amazing!!! Thank you so so much.”

In another video, she also explains the basic steps to washing your hair that we should all be doing. 

Firstly she claims that we should never skip conditioner as your hair can become more “brittle, vulnerable for tangles, hard to comb, and prone to breakage with the absence of a conditioner.” 

Minimum four hours

She then says to apply shampoo only at your scalp. 

“Using shampoo directly on the lengths of your hair will make your (hair) dry. Use it on your scalp only and let it wash down on the lengths of your hair,” Afsennah says. 

And in the comments section of the video, she also adds: “Using a hair mask instead of conditioner is fine it’s actually the same but a hair mask is more concentrated.”

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