You've been organising your cutlery drawer all wrong… stack them together to give yourself MUCH more space

THERE are few things more annoying than trying to find a fork in an overcrowded cutlery drawer.

But one clever woman has come up with a hack to organise the typically chaotic drawer – and it will change your life.

Jessica, aka _jessiemessy_, took to TikTok to share a video of the trick, which quickly attracted more than 110,000 likes from viewers.

In the video, Jessica showed that instead of shoving forks, knives and spoons haphazardly into the drawer, they are laid down on their side, and stacked on top of each other.

The hack means that the cutlery is much easier to grab in a hurry, and looks a lot neater.

"So much better looking," Jessica wrote in the video.

However, she did admit that maintaining the organisation requires a lot of work, and told viewers: "Btw you guys were right… that didn’t last long."

Agreeing with Jessica, many viewers took to the comments section to suggest that the organisation hack wouldn't last very long if there are children in the house.

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"It won't last long. especially if you have kids. I promise. lol," one person wrote.

And another added: "Yeah tried this. I have kids who don't give 2 fs lol I try to be neat."

Others insisted they don't have time to try out the trick, with someone commenting: "We have one of those but I literally just scoop all my utensils out of the dish washer and throw them in a pile LOL."

However, some were thankful for the hack, with someone writing: "I'm almost 43 and I know nothing! Thanks TikTok."

"How the hell are we all adulting WRONG!?" another person commented.

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