You’ve been putting your hair up wrong – it’s causing serious damage and could be why you're getting headaches

WE know how important it is to look after our bodies, so why aren’t we doing the same with our hair?

Many of us throw our hair up into a ponytail every day, without thinking of the impact this is having on our hair.

And it’s safe to say, it’s not pretty.

If you’re someone who regularly puts their hair in a high ponytail, then you might want to rethink your signature style, as hair and beauty fans have revealed this hairstyle is causing serious damage.

One woman, Anne Li took to TikTok to reveal the damage a high ponytail is causing to your hair.

Anne regularly shares hair and beauty tips to her TikTok and posted this particular video to her account ‘’.

In the video, we see Anne putting her hair up in a high ponytail, with a standard hairband.

Anne explains why this hairstyle is “the most damaging hairstyle”.

She said it: “Causes breakage.

“Pulls hair out of roots.

“And it gives me a headache.”

Anne advised: “If you use a silk scrunchie and don’t do it too tight you will be fine.”

So instead of scraping every last hair on your head back into a tight ponytail on top of your head, you might want to switch to a lower, looser ponytail.

And instead of using a standard hair band, switch to silk scrunchies that are softer and better for your hair.

This in turn will cause less damage to your hair, leaving you with healthier locks.


Anne’s video has racked up a whopping 872.5k views and it has 9,016 likes, 87 comments and 139 shares.

Many people were shocked that this hairstyle is damaging and admitted in the comments that they have their hair this way every day.

One person said: “Me watching this with a super high ponytail. RIP to my hair.”

Another added: “But I’m addicted to this hairstyle. I always want my hair tied tightly.”

A third commented: “Me watching with my hair tied back and a massive headache.”

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