12 Best Shower Cleaners 2022 | The Sun UK

CLEANING showers can be a tricky business with tough-to-shift mould and limescale to contend with.

Thankfully the right cleaning product will have your shower sparking clean in no time, and we've rounded up the 12 best shower cleaners available to buy now.


IT’S easy to think that our shower is one of the cleanest spaces in our home. After all, it’s where we seek refuge to clean ourselves – and to get a few minutes’ calm and quiet away from the chaos of the day.

But if you're not armed with one of the best shower cleaners on the market, unfortunately your shower can be a haven for germs.

It’s one of the most bacteria-ridden spaces in the home: researchers have found that shower heads contain mycobacteria, which can cause lung infections. Yuck.

You need a shower cleaner that can remove mould and limescale, as well as something that will help descale those tiles from grout.

Of course, we also want to clean all of those stainless steel fixtures – like the shower head.

It's as important to invest in the right brushes for shower cleaning as it is in the right products: a squeegee is the most effective tool for keeping shower glass clean, without needing to use super-potent chemicals like bleach.

Some shower cleaning products don't just clean up the mess that's there – they prevent limescale build-up from happening.

We've rounded up some of the best shower cleaners on the market below.

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