9 Best Chest Freezers 2021 | The Sun UK

WITH so many of us trying to limit the number of times we visit the supermarket these days, chest freezers are in high demand.

And it’s easy to see why. They’re useful for freezing large items, preparing food in bulk and in advance, and for or storing gluts of in-season vegetables, as well as simply making the most of special offers in the freezer aisle of the supermarket.

The size of the chest freezer you choose will depend on how much space you have available and where you’re going to keep it.

If you’re lucky enough to have the extra space, a chest freezer can be squeezed into a garage or utility room (bear in mind that many models cannot be sited in places where the temperature falls below 10°C) however most of us will need to site their chest freezers in the kitchen.

Small, square chest freezers of around 100 litres are ideal for small spaces or two-person families, with huge 500+-litre models available for large families.

Unlike regular freezers which are blessed with frost-free functionality, chest freezers need to be manually defrosted to keep them running efficiently and prevent them from icing up – it’s a job you’ll need to do at least once a year, so do bear that in mind if you’re thinking of investing in one.

On the plus side, the lack of bells and whistles when compared to regular freezers means that you can pick a chest freezer fairly cheaply – the cheapest models can be had for as little as £150 while a top-of-the-range chest freezer can be had for around £500.

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