American feels theyve been lied to after trying British cheese for first time

Brits are known for many things – from our love of tea to our obsession with forming an orderly queue.

And our absolute adoration for cheese is right up there with pub trips, the Queen and football.

So, one American thought they would give some British cheddar a try.

And now they feel like they have been “lied” to their whole life because of how good British cheese is.

Usually consuming ‘orange’ cheddar from the states, their mind was blown about how moreish the UK produce is.

After noticing the difference between the cheeses, the American took to Reddit to speak about their discovery.

They titled the post: “Not from [the] UK, but I finally tried some real UK cheddar cheese and I feel I've been lied to my whole life.

“I picked up some Wyke Vintage aged cheddar at my local Costco and it is honestly one of the best things I've ever tasted.

“In the US, we normally get this soft, waxy orange-coloured cheddar that comparatively has very little cheese flavour…

“This UK cheddar is white, has a deep, rich flavour, and kind of crumbles like a good parmigiano.

“UK does not f**k around with its cheese.

“I wonder what else I've been missing out on.”

As the American continues to wonder about the glorious British cuisine, many foodies took to the comments to talk about food preferences.

One person commented: “The UK is one of the great cheese producing countries, but it does often get forgotten about because of France and Italy.”

Another user added: “In terms of my own personal preference I prefer UK cheese over Italian but still think France reigns supreme.”

A third person stated: “I also like British cheeses, they have more of a kick.”

Someone else expressed: “Definitely agree. We had a cheese tower instead of a wedding cake with British cheeses.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user noted: “I’ll take British cheese over French cheese any day of the week.

“Name any French cheese and I can name you a British cheese that is at least as good if not objectively better.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of British cheese!

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