Banish nasty smells from your washing machine with these clever cleaning hacks

Washing machines aren’t regularly cleaned in most UK homes because, well, surely it cleans itself?

But, while that may be true for most of the drum the rest of the machine does actually need to be cleaned fairly regularly.

Whether you do this via the method stated in your manual (always check so you don’t accidentally break anything) or have your own clever tricks.

Over on Facebook, a number of Mrs Hinch obsessives got together to share their clever methods.

Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, now has over 4million Instagram subscribers for her fun and witty cleaning content.

And, under her name, thousands of “pinchers” have formed communities on social media to explain their greatest cleaning hacks.

In the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman asked: “Please help. No matter what I do, my washing machine smells horrid.

“I’ve put bleach through several times on a hot wash as well as washing machine cleaner.

“It’s better for one wash and then smells again a day later. Really upsetting me, has anyone got any gems to help?”

And, handy members rushed to the comments section to help out, reports the Express.

One person wrote: “Pop a cap of Zoflora in the softener drawer on a hot wash.”

Zoflora is a disinfectant which claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria and comes in a range of scents.

Do be careful not to use too much Zoflora or leave it out around babies or animals.

A hot wash is usually 60 or 90 degrees and can be handy for clearing out the washing machine.

Another woman noted: “I agree, use a nice smelling disinfectant that will also help to get rid of any lingering germs.”

Other helpers stated that the issue was likely the filter and that it needs cleaning every so often.

One woman wrote: “Clean the filter. It makes a big difference and do a hot wash with no clothes, just white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

“Also add a splash of Zoflora if you have it.”

If you’re more of an all-natural sort then swap out the disinfectant with white vinegar.

It works because it’s made of acetic acid.

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You can pick up Zoflora in scents like Lavender, Linen Fresh, Mandarin & Lime and Springtime for £1 from The Range.

Or, grab white vinegar for just 40p from Tesco.

Other pinchers recommended leaving the door and drawer open whenever it’s not in use to allow it to air out.

One woman said: “I use dishwasher tablets to clean mine, but definitely leave the door open when you’re not using it.”

Another replied: “I’m the same, but I also leave the drum open to disperse any smells and dampness.”

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