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WE ALL use one, but do you have the best laundry basket or is it as boring as the dirty washing inside it?

Just because it’s a functional essential in your home, doesn’t mean it has to be uninspiring.

There are so many styles in a wide range of materials that it’s almost impossible not to find one that fits in with your decor.

But is your laundry basket a bathroom dweller, tucked neatly in a corner of your bedroom or out of sight in an airing cupboard?

If it’s in the bathroom, it’s wise to choose a naturally water-resistant material, such as plastic or treated wood, that won’t absorb any steam from the air after a shower or bath.

Wherever you put it, you need to make sure it’s the right size for your needs – there’s no point buying one the size of a small car if you live on your own and only need to wash your laundry a couple of times a week.

And, if you hate sorting through laundry and dividing it into similar colours, there are compartmentalised designs out there to keep everything separated and your OCD in check.

Here are some of our favourites in a range of materials.

1. Round The Corner

  • Water Hyacinth Corner Laundry Basket, £49.50 from Marks & Spencer – buy here

If space is an issue, this nifty corner design is for you.

Hand-made from water hyacinth with a hinged lid, its classic good looks will work with almost any decor.

And if you’re planning to put it in your bathroom or bedroom you’re in luck – it’s part of a range of matching water hyacinth accessories.

2. Hip To Be Square

  • 67 Litre Wooden Laundry Bin in Natural, £45 from Argos – buy here

This smart wooden design looks like a piece of furniture in its own right, perfect if you want your laundry basket to blend in with your room. Under the hinged lid you’ll find a removable canvas bag that contains the washing.

Simply remove this from its Velcro fixings and take it to the washing machine rather than staggering around with armfuls of washing leaving a trail of escaping socks in your wake.

3. Rope Me In

  • Rope Laundry Basket, £120, The White Company – buy here

Love pared-back modern country style? Or perhaps a nautical vibe is more your thing?

If that’s you, you’ll love this elegant, two-tone rope design. Each basket is individually crafted by hand in reclaimed yarn for a unique shape and texture.

The handles make it easy to move around and there’s also a matching waste paper bin if you just can’t get enough of this design.

4. X Marks The Spot

  • Oak Folding Canvas Laundry Bin, £50 from Habitat – buy here

A mix of solid wood and 100% cotton canvas, this laundry basket would work beautifully in a minimal or industrial-style space.

Foldable when not in use and with a detachable bag, it’s a versatile buy that looks good too.

Want to keep your dirty laundry out of sight? Simply fold over the handy canvas flap.

5. Plastic Fantastic

  • Hay Laundry Basket in Large, £39 from Amara – buy here

Remember that cut-out plastic washing basket your nan used to have?

Well this is the updated, uber-modern take on a classic.

Made from functional and stylish pale-grey plastic, it’s ideal for a steamy bathroom and comes in two sizes.

6. Divide And Conquer

  • Collapsible Lights & Darks Section Laundry Bin, £18 from Matalan – buy here

Anything that makes doing laundry easier can only be a good thing, so this compartmentalised grey fabric laundry basket means your washing is already separated by the time you come to wash it.

In theory anyway… It’s collapsible and has an integrated lid.

Now you just need to convince everyone in the house to follow the orders printed on the front of the basket!

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