Bride who ran off with lover has baby with husband after getting back together

A woman who ran off with another man just days after their £30,000 Mexican wedding, has given birth after she got back together with her husband.

Andy accused his new wife of cheating on him on her hen night – he got a tattoo on his neck that read ‘fajita cheater’ as a permanent reminder of his wife’s affair.

He put their wedding rings up for sale, just six days after the ceremony, and was very vocal about the split on social media.

But last week the 22-year-old gave birth to her and Andy’s daughter, Gracie Roseanne, following a reunion that lead to the couple getting back together.

In fact, despite all of the theatrics, adultery and tattoos – the couple were actually only apart for four months and got back together in October. Maybe this proves that true love really does conquer all.

Not ones to keep things to themselves, the couple publicly announced the birth of their child on Facebook.

‘After an absolute horrific night/morning Meaghan who can only be described as superwoman, well supermum gave birth to Gracie Roseanne Mitchell at 8:30 this morning weighing 5lb 4oz,’ wrote Andy.

A few days later, Andy was back on Facebook for another public declaration – this time to celebrate the couple’s first anniversary and to acknowledge their, erm, rocky start.

‘Happy anniversary Meaghan, love you so much more today than I did one year ago,’ wrote Andy.

It just goes to show that even the toughest times and the angriest tattoos can be forgiven and forgotten.

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