Daily horoscope for August 23: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Today’s horoscope sees the Sun transition into Virgo the Maiden after spending a month in Leo. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, holding a position in the Earth house of elements. People with a strong Virgo presence in their lives are said to be loyal, hardworking and practical individuals.

On the flipside, Virgos can be shy and prone to getting lost in their work.

And this is a very interesting combination with the Moon sailing through Scorpio today.

Scorpio is a Water sign, and if there are two elements that mix, it’s Water and Earth.

Scorpio can ask of you to explore your emotions, hidden in the deepest corners of yourself.

Perhaps, a little bit of introspection will bring about some meaningful change?

Maybe there are relationships you are struggling to hang on to because they do not resonate with you on an emotional level?

Scorpio can make you think about these things because the sign favours truth and honesty above all.

And paired with Virgo, trust will be at the forefront of all conversations and interactions.

Similarly, communication will be very important today and it is imperative you give it your full attention.

As the end of the week approaches, people with a strong Taurus influence might be tempted to refurbish or tinker with their surrounding.

Taurus is grounded and so should be any renovating you undertake today.

Cancers might feel the urge to set their finances in order.

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Shop around for a bargain or think about how your finances will serve you in the future.

But don’t get hasty and be sure to consult advisors before you make any long-term commitment.

Mercury will also have a say in today’s horoscope, allowing your innate communication skills to shine.

And be sure to turn your sense of practicality into good use and the payoff will become evident.

Mercury is said to influence perception and abundance, so keep that in mind.

Elsewhere, Sagittarius might feel the sudden urge to go travelling.

Stay on top of it for now and make plans for a bigger journey later this year.

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