Daily horoscope for May 14: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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A Scorpio Moon transit is always intense, and it’s important to pay close attention to your emotional needs during these cycles. Today’s intense emotions might feel difficult to handle, but with a little help from Mars planet alignments, you might feel better positioned to tackle the challenges today might bring. Express.co.uk reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for May 14.

The early morning Mercury-Mars quintile brings particularly clever energy to help figure things out, overcome longstanding hurdles, and solve problems.

The Mars-North Node sextile will support all and any energy to propel you further.

Mars represents ambition, energy and action. The North Node, which refers to the Nodes of the Moon, relates to our subconscious.

While the South Node represents past subconscious motivations, the North Node represents conscious motivations relating to the present and future.

Astromatrix said this is “characterised by a desire for the unfoldment of appropriate changes in personal psychology.”

Astro Cafe said: “We can enjoy making connections, or we seek satisfying activities in which to participate.

“There is a sense that we’re heading in the right direction or that we want to take steps to grow and improve.

“New opportunities are there if we look for them to help us achieve our desires.”

Mars-North Node sextiles promote powerful energies, touching on physical strength, endurance and ability.

You might feel more driven, ambitious, and motivated today, and maybe even a little impatient. Today’s potent energies will really help you seize the day.

Astromatrix said: “You have been endowed with the stamina to pursue adventures.”

So, use this energy wisely by putting efforts into goals and long-term ambitions, or even tap into your more spontaneous side and see where it takes you.

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When the Moon enters Scorpio at 11.35am BST, you might feel more concerned with finding balance and reaching compromise.

Astrology.TV said: “The Scorpio Moon highlights resourcefulness; there’s really no such thing as ‘no’ when the Scorpio Moon is in play.

“There is always a way to get what you want if you’re prepared to think outside the box.

“This is a very driven lunar energy and some people will stop at nothing to use it.”

The sense of self-mastery is also strong during the influence of the Scorpio Moon.

Astrology.TV said: “It’s generally a very good time for self-improvement and for self-analysis.

“The Scorpio Moon can be seen as a magician’s Moon because it allows us to take what we have, what we are, and transform and improve it.

“We can look into the very darkest of places and find our way free.”

However, the more secretive and brooding atmosphere this Moon can evoke might leave you feeling a little more suspicious and over-observant than usual.

Keep this aspect in mind before jumping to conclusions today.

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