Danny Roberts Calls Out Julie Stoffer's Behavior on Real World Homecoming: New Orleans

"The assignment was to create meaningful television with redemption and love. One of us missed that."

Julie Stoffer’s antics on “The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans” have definitely rubbed a few of her roommates the wrong way, with Kelley Wolf considering leaving the experience altogether because she felt Julie was manipulating situations and conversations.

Of course, Kelley has good reason to think this, since viewers know she and Melissa Beck heard Julie talking to her husband Spencer on the phone about how hard she was purposefully trying to create good television with her behavior. And now, she has some backup in fellow roomie and longtime friend Danny Roberts.

Following this week’s episode, Roberts took to his Instagram Story to vent about the “interesting edit.” On the new hour, Stoffer told Danny her husband had given her a “hall pass” to do anything she wanted — before showing him and Kelley some NSFW photos Spencer had sent her. At first, Julie said they were nude selfies, but changed her tune in a confessional — where she claimed they were just shirtless pictures, before basically saying Kelley was overreacting by recoiling at them.

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Kelley even sat Julie down, telling her that Stoffer has left her feeling “baited into conversations that don’t feel like they are appropriate for me to have.” She added, “When you show me a picture of your husband in a state, that is not okay with me,” before asking Julie to respect her boundaries.  Stoffer, however, proclaimed, “This is the person I am” — and, in a confessional, said she believed she was “getting punished for being myself” and compared Wolf to her “old grandma.”

“Last night’s episode was an interesting edit,” wrote Danny on Thursday. “For the record, those were not photos of a shirtless husband being shared by that woman. Those were eggplant photos being shared.”

“In fact, that woman was generally granted a very mild edit obfuscating the true nature of events,” he continued, referencing Julie but not calling her out by name.

“The assignment was to create meaningful television with redemption and love. One of us missed that,” wrote Roberts. “The world is already awash in reality television full of vanity, broken souls, ego-driven antics, shallow platitudes and mindlessness. We didn’t need to add to the stew by making more or celebrating the lowest common denominator.”

Kelley shared Danny’s post to her own Story, adding, “Thank you. There is really nothing to add. Once again, your words cut through lies and gaslighting. I am sorry you have had to become an expert at that.”

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Overall, it’s been a messy season for Julie — though how much of it was strategically planned versus genuine is up for debate.

Right off the bat, she got into it with both Danny and Melissa, who confronted her for hurtful behavior in the years immediately following their original season. Then, after a wasted night out on Bourbon Street, she was called out by her roommates for insinuating David “Tokyo” Broom physically injured her while caring for her. She’s also been a little flirty with also-married costar Jamie Murray, had loud sexual interactions with her husband in the home’s courtyard and risked ex-communication from the Mormon church by opening up about why she stopped practicing.

It looks like Kelley might peace out in the season finale, before filming officially wrapped. The episode drops next Wednesday on Paramount+.

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