Delilah Belle Hamlin claps back at critics of makeup-free selfie

Delilah Belle Hamlin is a natural beauty.

The model, 20, posted a makeup-free selfie on Instagram on Monday to prove what her face looks like sans cosmetics.

“The other day people on Instagram were declaring I was a liar based on a photo I posted where I claimed I was wearing no makeup besides the obvious lipstick and lashes. People were saying I was making young girls feel poorly about themselves. the fact that I even have to stand up for myself and justify this blows my mind,” Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin‘s daughter wrote.

Continued the star: “In this photo I am wearing absolutely ZERO makeup … The only thing I have on are eyelash extensions. I would never want to post anything that would create young girls or boys to feel as though they need to uphold unattainable beauty standards.”

The controversy began after Hamlin shared a photo of herself with “clean skin” over the weekend; as many of her fans pointed out, she was clearly wearing a full face of makeup, including eyeshadow and foundation. In her most recent post, the model said she received “thousands of hateful messages” after sharing the snap.

Despite her attempt to set the record straight with a truly barefaced photo, some of the star’s followers were still not satisfied, accusing her of still wearing makeup and having lip injections.

Others, however, flocked to the comments with supportive messages. “Yes bb,” Bella Thorne wrote. “Love you,” Lottie Moss added.

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