Drew Barrymore Revives Josie Grossie from Never Been Kissed on Her Talk Show

And, yes, she wore the prom dress.

Drew Barrymore fans were seeing double on Friday, when she was joined by one of her on-screen alter-egos for her talk show.

Sharing the desk with Barrymore for her news update was another version of the actress, in costume and character as teenage Josie Grossie from the 1999 film “Never Been Kissed.”

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“I have a very special co-pilot today. You may know her from 90s romcom ‘Never Been Kissed,'” Barrymore said in her intro. “She’s a high school junior and future journalist. It’s Josie Geller!”

Rocking her pink prom dress, matching scrunchie and braces, Josie stepped straight out of 1988 for the bit — with no knowledge of anything that’s happened since then.

As for why she wore the satin dress — which viewers know was soiled by eggs thrown at her by the popular kids on prom night — Josie said it was “the fanciest thing I own and I never really got to wear it anyway.”

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Drew allowed her to “make a new memory in the dress” and cohost the news with her, something which proved hard for someone who knew nothing about the current election, the coronavirus or Harry Styles.

“Oh Josie, there’s so much that you need to catch up on,” Barrymore told her.

The sketch took a more serious turn when Josie asked whether there were still bullies in 2020.

“The bad news is, that type of stuff does still happen,” said Drew. “But, people are filming it and putting it on this thing called the Internet and people get to watch it over and over again.”

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When Josie noted that sounded even worse than the ’80s, Barrymore also pointed out the good of the Internet — which could be used for outcasts to “find their people” in other ways.

She also said the character of Josie Grossie has gone on to become “kind of like a merit badge you can wear really proudly.”

“A lot of people see themselves in you and we can all get in touch with our inner Josies.”

Watch the bizarre, yet endearing video above.

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