‘Face feels lifted after 2 uses!’ Beauty fans wowed by ‘natural facelift’ massage tool

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Looking to tighten sagging, ageing skin and don’t want to go under the knife or spend hundreds on expensive rejuvenating treatments? Beauty fans have been raving about a face roller which they call a “natural facelift” and it’s less than £20. 

The Sdara Skincare Face Roller, also known as the Rose Quartz Relaxing Massager is a hit with beauty fans. 

It is currently priced at £16.99, down from £21.24, and available to buy from Amazon. 

As for how the face roller works, the product description explains: “Ideal for reducing puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. 

“Just apply this soothing face roller (rose quartz) gently to your skin to reinvigorate and help mitigate signs of fatigue.

“After applying your beauty serum, the relaxing, self-massaging effect of the facial roller helps enhance blood flow and product absorption – delicately encouraging lymphatic drainage.

“This calming face roller massager can be used morning and night to help smooth, soothe and tighten tired, irritated skin – even around the eyes. 

“Give yourself a radiant, self-care glow.” 

The face massager roller can also be placed in the fridge, and the rose quartz retains a cool surface temperature which can help “refresh and rejuvenate your complexion”.

But does it work? The product has a 4.5 out of five star rating, and thousands of customers have left reviews. 

Sahara76 said: “Natural Face lift!! I was recommended this from my holistic therapist who used this product on me when I went for a facial a few months back. 

“Having suffered from Covid my skin felt so dehydrated and needed revitalising I have now used this roller and stone for over a week and I already see a huge difference in my skin. 

“I’m using it day and night and it’s amazing I can really tell with the blood flowing on my face.” 

Ana Avel added: “Game changing. This is already making a difference in my skin care routine. I love the cool feel of it when I apply my products with it and its really nice to just massage your face with it too. Apply little to no pressure because trust me you will feel it after. 

“My face feels so lifted after just two uses. I’m amazed.” 

Jenny wrote: “Very good quality! Absolutely love this product, I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it’s definitely made a difference, my face is less puffy and more defined, I use it for a few minutes every morning and every evening. 

“It’s well made too, I have previously used other rose quartz rollers that are not as good quality as this one, it came beautifully packaged and I could highly recommend it!!!” 

As for how to use it, there are four steps to achieving the best results. 

1. Apply serum to the skin 

2. Start at the middle of the face and roll outwards 

3. Apply light pressure when rolling and feel for points of tension 

4. Roll up and down the various areas of the face – be extra gentle around the eyes

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