Fuming American asks ‘what the hell is this’ as he visits muddy British beach

A less-than-impressed American’s reaction to visiting a British beach during the heatwave has left TikTok viewers in hysterics.

Nick Alexander, known as Mr Miami UK on the video-sharing site, travelled with friends to Weston-super-Mare in Somerset on June 13.

The TikToker was expecting the white sands of Miami but was instead met with thick mud and an extremely long beach – something the Somerset sunspot is famous for.

In a series of videos, Nick can be seen ankle deep in the muddy sludge with the water far away in the distance.

“Today I tried to go swimming in a British beach and it didn't work out so well,” he said. “It's just horrible, what the hell is this?

“I tried to go to the seaside and it was an absolute fail.”

He continues to walk and it’s clear the long distance is having its toll on poor old Nick.

“It’s like I’m in a mudbath, what the hell’s going on?” he asks. “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

In another video on TikTok he continued: “I don't know who decided to call this place a beach but where I come from beaches don't look like this.

“Overall it ended up being an absolutely s*** day. I didn't get to go swimming.”

The brutal review has left viewers in stitches, with one writing: "I actually laughed out loud, this is so accurate."

Nick later admitted he was warned by a friend who lived nearby that he wouldn’t make it to the water, but he thought “they were just being lazy”.

The experience saw his crocs get “obliterated” and, while the mud part was “fun”, he found not getting to the water “devastating”.

His mum is from Wolverhampton and moved to Miami, where Nick is from, but he moved back to study International Business Management at Wolverhampton University.

He said: "I'm from Miami so I've been getting some flack in the comments saying I should've checked the tide, I didn’t know water could go away!

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"I don’t know who checked when I was a kid I’ve never shown up to the beach and the water was four miles away – from now on I’ll be checking the tide."

The American was joined by friends Cleopatra Harvey, 24, Alliyah Shearer, 22 and Shanae Williams, 15, for the ill-fated trip.

He managed to get some enjoyment out of the day by visiting the fair on the promenade and going on some rides.

But the chef and music manager, who has over 116,000 followers, said he was still confused to see sunbathers on the beach where the sea is so far away.

He added: “The fact that people actually didn’t go to the beach to go swimming and just to lay in the sun I thought that was crazy, how do you cool off?

“It's literally like an oven and you go out there just to bake.

“I would go back to Weston but I would plan better and I would like for the tide to be in, I want to swim in it, I don't care how muddy the water is!”

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