Funniest Brit shop names – Alan Cartridge ink store to Master-Baitz fish outlet

Us Brits love a good pun – maybe that's why there have been so many great business names in the UK.

While some companies may be carrying the family name and sticking to traditional titles, others are having a little more fun.

A thread started on Twitter after account No Context Brits asked people to share the best business names they'd ever seen in the UK, and the answers are hilarious.

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The question was only put to social media users on December 19, and there's already been over 6,000 likes and several replies to the post.

No Context Brits, who has over 1.5m followers on the platform, simply asked: "What’s the best name you’ve seen for a British business?"

In response, one follower revealed a kebab called LonDoner, while an ink refill business was named Alan Cartridge.

Meanwhile an air conditioning company has been dubbed Stiff Nipples, and there's a barbershop in Farringdon, London, called Barber Streisand.

If that's not enough you could also Get Laid Professionally in one part of the country according to a red van, while another business is known as Master-Baitz.

One person replied: "(AKA England cricketer/journo Mike Selvey) once had a tree surgery business called 'Loppers, Toppers and Choppers'.

"He called the firewood sale arm of his business 'Flog-a-Log'. Absolutely brilliance from a great wordsmith."

Another added: "The Cock In Cider."

A third person also chirped in listing some of the best businesses he'd seen.

He added: "Top 7 best business names- 7. Frying Nemo (fish & chip shop) 6. Vinyl Resting Place (record store) 5. You Should Be Shot (portrait photographer) 4. Hairy Pop-Ins (pet groomers) 3. Alan Cartridge (ink supplies) 2. Chisel Me Timbers (roofers) 1. Much Ado About Muffins (cake shop)."

Another commented: "Curl Up and Dye hair salon."

There were also various other hilarious names including Wok This Way, Codrophenia, Sophie's Choice and Sellfridges (and yes, they do sell fridges.)


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