Furious neighbours leave ‘don’t park monstrosity here’ notes on bright pink van

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A worker was branded "inconsiderate" by neighbours after parking his "monstrosity" of a bright pink van in his own street.

The man left the brightly-coloured truck he uses for work in Ravenscliffe Road, Kidsgrove, just down from his home.

However the morning, he was shocked to find a furious note from "four unhappy neighbours" on the windscreen.

The note read: "Why don't you park this monstrosity of a van next to your own house? Very inconsiderate. From at least four unhappy neighbours."

The van driver laughed the note off but was then stunned to find another strongly-worded letter the next day.

Written in block capitals, it read: "PARK THIS MONSTROSITY IN FRONT OF YOUR! OWN HOUSE. NOT MINE!"

The man told StokeonTrentLive that he had actually chosen to park where he did to prevent congestion.

He said: "I received this note after parking a works van – to be fair a horrible pink colour – further up the road to allow cars past as it’s too narrow outside my house.

"I tried speaking to the neighbour after I parked it but he blanked me. I suspect it’s the same neighbour who parks his van also in the street."

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After receiving the second note, the man then added: "I wouldn’t mind if they came and spoke to me in person about it. They definitely know where I live.

"It’s a works van, so not my choice. It’s only ever parked there overnight, once every fortnight, maybe less often."

The news comes after another man was mortified this week after receiving angry note from neighbour about his neglected lawn.

The man, known as Jeremy, had been told he was bringing down the value of the whole area by not mowing his lawn in an anonymous letter sent by his neighbour.

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