Hey, QQ: Why Is Lorde Singing About the "Pluto in Scorpio Generation"?

Forget millennials vs. Gen Z—it’s the Pluto in Scorpio generation vs. the Pluto in Sagittarius generation now. In Lorde’s new song “Mood Ring,” the third single from her upcoming album Solar Power, the New Zealand singer croons about transcendental meditation, burning sage, cleansing crystals, and astrological generational divides. “Ladies, begin your sun salutations / Pluto in Scorpio generation,” she sings.

Wait, what’s that? As you probably know, Pluto is the last and slowest-moving planet in our solar system. It spends roughly 12 to 30 years in a single zodiac sign, making it what astrologers call a “generational planet.” Unlike, say, Mercury, which spends just a few weeks in each sign and affects your day-to-day realities (think losing your keys during Mercury Retrograde), Pluto is all about bigger-picture shifts. “Pluto is a generational planet and it’s all about how we transform, grow, and evolve,” says Lisa Stardust, professional astrologer and author of the Astrology Deck and Saturn Return Survival Guide.

Pluto was last in Scorpio from 1983 to 1995, so yes, “Pluto in Scorpio generation” is basically a cosmic way of saying “millennials.” Stardust says that trademarks of this astro generation include exploring their sexuality, embracing their identities, learning about all things occult and taboo, and guarding their emotions—they have deep feelings, but don’t always express them easily.

But hold up—Lorde was born in 1996, meaning she is actually part of the Pluto in Sagittarius generation. “Pluto in Scorpio is a little bit more secretive, while Pluto in Sagittarius is a little bit more blunt,” Stardust says. “It’s very revolutionary, more about speaking your mind than concealing it.” This Pluto placement makes for a generation of people who are both curious and outspoken. “They’re just looking for truth,” as Stardust puts it.

So, did Lorde enter her birth year wrong when she downloaded Sanctuary? Well, probably not. This all makes sense when you read Lorde’s statement about the song. She sent a long email to her mailing list ahead of the release, and in it she writes that “Mood Ring” is actually a satire of “wellness culture and the search for spiritual meaning in our modern world.” In a paragraph about her “sources of inspo,” Lorde includes links to pieces on unethical crystal mining and indigenous traditions of burning palo santo, and describes coming to “the general realisation that many wellness practises adopted by white women have rough consequences for indigenous people.” (Indicating that the real Lorde probably wouldn’t encourage you to burn sage like Blonde Lorde does in the video).

She also writes that Blonde Lorde is a different person from real-life, brunette Lorde: “I didn’t name her, but you should go hard. I’ll say it once and then never again: this is satire. She is not me. :-).” We also know one thing: With her Pluto in Scorpio, Blonde Lorde is at least one year older than Brunette Lorde.

Don’t think this means Lorde isn’t a fan of astrology, though. She also writes:

BTW, Stardust also points out that the release dates of Lorde’s singles—”Solar Power” was released on the same day as a solar eclipse, and the “Mood Ring” premiere coincidences with Lorde’s Venus Return (meaning that Venus is in Libra rn, the same sign it was in when she was born)—indicates that she may have consulted astrology when planning out the album cycle. Now, can someone check the astro forecast for the album release date of August 20, 2021, pls? I’m part of the Pluto in Scorpio generation, and I need to know.

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