Houston Pet Owner Is Offering $55K for the Safe Return of His Missing Pregnant French Bulldog

A Houston pet owner is offering $55,000 to anyone that can help locate and return his missing French bulldog, who is currently pregnant.

Christian Rawlins, the owner of a breeding and grooming company called Goldmine Kennels, told ABC 13 and Fox 26 Houston that his 1-year-old French bulldog, named Bad Bunny, went missing during a stay at a friend's apartment in Spring Branch, Texas, on March 3.

"I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to do," Rawlins told Fox 26 Houston.

Police investigated the incident but found no signs of forced entry. According to Rawlins, the door was briefly left open at his friend's apartment during the dog's stay, and this is likely when Bad Bunny — who is due to give birth "any day now" — escaped.

And as Rawlins noted, the need to locate and return Bad Bunny is immediate, given that her childbirth could be fatal if she does not deliver her puppies safely.

"She will die if these puppies decide to come out," he told Fox 26 Houston. "They can try to come out any moment. These dogs have to have C-sections. Their body is too narrow to push out puppies."

While there are no obvious signs Bad Bunny was kidnapped, the theft of French bulldogs has been on the rise recently. Tara Bruno, the founder of SNORT Rescue, an organization that rescues bulldogs and similar breeds, recently told PEOPLE that French bulldogs from reputable breeders could cost between $3,000 and $5,000.

Last month, an unknown assailant shot Lady Gaga's dog walker and stole the singer's two French bulldogs during an armed robbery in Los Angeles. Both canines were later recovered safely, and Lady Gaga reportedly gave a $500,000 reward to the woman who found them.

"It's evil people out there people snatching dogs from hard-working people," said Rawlins. "They just want a nice dog and can't even walk down the street without [it] getting snatched."

Rawlins is now offering $55,000 "no question" to anyone that can find Bad Bunny and bring her back home safely.

"The dog can and most likely will die without being in my hands," he told Fox 26 Houston. "I can't stress that enough. The dog will die; the puppies will die. I don't think the person who stole the dog wants to see that."

Rawlins is asking that anyone with information on Bad Bunny's whereabouts contact him at 832-771-237.

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