How to read horoscope: Why YOU have been reading your horoscope wrong

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Reading a horoscope is simple, right? Correct, but most people read it using the completely wrong sign. The signs we are all acquainted with are our star signs, known to astrologers as our Sun signs, so we tend to read the horoscope for that particular sign. However, this is completely wrong! Here’s why YOU have been reading your horoscope wrong!

How are horoscopes written?

A horoscope is an astrologer’s interpretation of the position of the Sun, planets, Moon, aspects and angles on a particular date.

They haven’t been scientifically proven to be accurate, but millions of people across the globe swear by reading their horoscope regularly.

Astrologers can figure out what a person is like based on their horoscope, and astrologers call this horoscope a birth chart.

Horoscopes are more commonly thought of as predictions of what is going to happen today, tomorrow, or even years in the future.

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Astrologers use the Moon to write daily horoscopes, since the Moon changes sign every couple of days.

They use Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Sun to write monthly horoscopes since these move signs every couple of months.

Yearly horoscopes tend to be written using the planets mentioned as well as Saturn and Jupiter, which stay in a sign for at least two years.

Slower moving planets such as Pluto, Neptune and Uranus take years to move through a sign so can be used to write longer-term horoscopes.

How to read horoscope

We all know what our Sun sign is, since it is based on our date of birth.

The majority of people identify strongly with this sign and its traits but fail to look into the rest of their birth chart.

Reading the horoscope for your Sun sign is helpful, but reading your horoscope for your rising sign is more important.

Your rising sign, also known as your ascendant, is the zodiac sign that the cusp of your first house falls into.

This determines the placement of the 12 houses, which astrologers use to understand your life.

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The reason why everyone reads their Sun sign’s horoscope is that it is based on your birthday.

Before the internet was invented astrologers would do Sun sign horoscopes because they were easier to work out off the top of your head.

Sun sign readings aren’t as personal and individualised as rising horoscopes.

Your rising sign gives you a better interpretation of your daily life.

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