Husband's 'choreplay' idea slammed for using housework to 'get lucky'

An Instagram influencer has proudly claimed that she and her husband engage in ‘choreplay’, whereby doing housework results in sex.

Blogger Bridie, who goes by Bri Dietz, on Instagram told her followers that there’s ‘nothing hotter’ than seeing her husband Bobby do some chores.

The mum-of-two, from San Diego, U.S, referenced the book The Five Languages of Love, saying helping around the house was Bobby’s love language.

But many of her Instagram followers felt that domestic duties should have equal contribution and men doing their load was not an ‘act of service’ as Bri claimed.

While the influencer’s posts are often enjoyed for their funny and whimsical nature, her recent post was criticised for perpetuating gender norms which see men being praised and rewarded for the bare minimum.

Users noted that men are often praised for ‘helping’ with housework while women are expected to just get on with it.

‘Nothing hotter. Any other ‘acts of service’ love language-ers out there? Mine 100%,’ Bri captioned the image of the two of them sitting on steps in their home.

The letterboard read: ‘Helping out with housework so you can get lucky is called choreplay’.

While some found it hilarious and relatable, others felt it was an insidious message.

One person wrote: “Helping with the housework” infantilises men and implies that the home is the woman’s job. Nothing sexy about that.’

Another shared the sentiment, saying: ‘Helping with the housework?’ It’s his house too. It’s his responsibility too,

‘It shouldn’t be so rare he’s ‘helping’ that when he does it’s a turn on. And implying he’s just helping to “get lucky” is cringe as hell.’

Another asked ‘Why isn’t it called “helping” when a woman does it?’, while one person joked: ‘Things that are hotter- not expecting a reward for doing your share around the house.’

Some also consider doing the housework a love language which should be rewarded.

‘[This is] not abusive, crude or sexist,’ said one person. ‘Marriage is rarely ever a completely even 50/50 split.

‘Help with housework or my husband handling dinner from time to time is one of my favourite surprises! Hello, love language! He for sure hits a sweet spot with that. No shame.’

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