‘I have Tourettes and yelled “I’m a paedo” when I first met boyfriend’s mum’

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A Twitch streamer has revealed that her Tourette's condition once forced her to yell “I’m a paedo” in the centre of town on an embarrassing first encounter with her then-boyfriend’s parents.

'Sweet Anita' began streaming videos of herself playing video games and chatting on Twitch in 2018, earning over 1.8 million followers, as well as releasing videos on YouTube.

The 31 year-old is also reportedly a full-time carer for her mum, and has Tourette's syndrome, a condition that can cause people to make involuntary movements or noises.

And, despite her global following, Anita revealed on the Happy Hour Podcast that the symptoms of her condition have landed her in awkward situations over the course of her personal relationships.

When she met her now ex-boyfriend’s parents, she revealed: “I shouted I’m a paedo in the middle of town, and I also spanked a stranger in front of them, and they were like, ‘wait, you’re dating my son’.”

Asked whether her ex-boyfriend’s parents had been warned about her condition, Anita replied: “He asked me not to because he thought it would be funny for them to figure it out on their own.

“So I was like, ‘fine’, and I kept shouting ‘cats!’ and they were looking around like, ‘where are the cats’.”

The streamer remembered that as she grappled to contain her sporadic outbursts, the awkward first meeting escalated further when they went into a supermarket.

“I was holding it in so much,” she continued. “And this very bootylicious guy was bent over in the frozen section just leaning in grabbing stuff, and I went in with a full-on backhander.

“He turned around ready to fight me like, ‘who was that?’ and he thought it was a man – I don’t know if it’s because of the force – but then he looked down at me and this little girl was like, ‘errmm’ and he didn’t know how to react anymore.

“I just left, and I turned, and his parents were there looking at me like, ‘who has he brought into the family?’"

Speaking openly on the podcast, Anita confessed that her condition had also caused tension in the bedroom, when she claims to have “punched my boyfriend in the d**k”.

And although her outburst didn’t become physical in this instance, Anita did reveal that what came next in the episode with her prospective parents-in-law had family members doubled over with laughter.

“So we get outside and at this point I’m embarrassed, and when I have strong emotions, I tend to tic more," she added.

“So at this point, it’s impossible to suppress, and we got three steps in and I went ‘I’m a paedo!’ just so loud, and everyone stopped what they were doing in the middle of town.

“His dad and his brother were raspberry red at this point, I was laughing so hard. His little brother was crawling on the floor, he was laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe.”

Upon arriving back at their house, Anita revealed the truth to her ex’s parents, who she said treated the condition well by welcoming her with shouts of ‘it’s the paedo!’ every time she returned in the future.

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