Ink-lovers share the true meaning of their foreign language tattoos

Lost in translation! Mortified ink-lovers share the actual meaning of their foreign language tattoos – from ‘turkey sandwich’ to ‘toilet demon’

  • US-based people learned why you shouldn’t get tattoos in other languages
  • From names of food items to insults, they showed their terrible tattoo fails 
  • One woman proudly showed an ankle tattoo that actually meant ‘miso’
  • Another woman did not know she  had ‘fresh spring roll’ tattooed on her back  

Beware of getting tattoos in a language you don’t speak, because those words might come back to haunt you later. 

Bored Panda has collected hilarious tattoo fails from around the world, which came to light when body art enthusiasts sought a translation for their inkings. 

From ‘fresh spring rolls’ to ‘miso,’ they found that they had been given foreign language tattoos with ridiculous meanings, far removed from what they asked for.  

One woman’s husband thought his tattoo meant ‘God’s Love’ but it turned out to read ‘madman.’ 

Another man’s shoulder tattoo read: ‘chicken noodle soup’ instead of a deep and meaningful phrase he’d requested.  

Here, FEMAIL reveals sme of the funniest and most awkward translations from ‘I married a moron’ to ‘sexual fantasy’… 

People have shared horrible tattoo translations they came across. In this picture, a woman explained the tattoo on the right, which some thought meant ‘appreciate life’ actually translated to ‘I’m rotten’ 

This woman’s tattoo actually means ‘fresh spring roll’  in Thai, in a pictured shared by a man from San Francisco 

According to the US-based blogger behind hanzismatter, known as Tian, this woman’s tattoo means ‘I married a moron’

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A man from California spotted his tattoo on his neighbour’s ankle in a plane, which translated to ‘miso’ 

An US-based woman was wondering what her 15-year-old tattoo meant, and found it translated to ‘sexual fantasy’ in Chinese 

A US-based woman explained her husband’s tattoo was meant to read ‘God’s Love’ in Chinese, but it actually meant ‘madman’ 

A girlfriend whose boyfriend had told her his tattoo read ‘brave or strong,’ found it actually meant ‘Mexican’

While this US-based woman thought her tattoo meant ‘smitten’ she found it actually meant ‘heavy,’ what a blow 

This woman wanted her tattoo to read ‘butterfly’ in a foreign language but ended up with ;fly, butter’ on her back instead 

A US-based woman used Google Translate to find her Chinese tattoo actually meant ‘turkey sandwich’ 

Two American girls ended up with tattoos meaning ‘taken advantage of’ after getting inked on a drunken night 

A US-based women who did not know what the tattoo on her wrist found it meant ‘toilet demon’ 

This woman’s beautiful clown fish tattoo was meant to read ‘QI a primal force of life in eastern philosophy’ but it turned out to actually mean ‘rice’ 

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