Inside Usain Bolts Insane $2 Million Dollar Penthouse

Nicknamed the ‘Lightning Bolt’, Usain Bolt’s stunning, eight-time Olympic-winning career as the greatest sprinter of all time has given him the lavish lifestyle that every hard-working athlete dreams of. With a net worth of $90 million, Bolt and his family lead a more than comfortable life, filled with the perks of boundless wealth.

Nothing says wealth like owning your own penthouse. Nestled in the suburbs of Point Frederick, Australia, a stunning $1.9 million apartment accommodated the Olympic medal holder for a brief period while he began his newfound career as a professional soccer player.

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The Sky House

Dubbed the ‘Sky House’ for its sumptuous waterfront views of Brisbane Lake, Usain’s former pad covers an impressive 1,1722 square feet of land. The property, which was originally constructed back in 2010, was sold to the medal holder through real estate agency Gittoes East Gosford. Stationed at the top of the Araluan Apartments, a staple in Centre Point affluence, the Sky House comes with five bespoke designed bedrooms and four bathrooms. Just like most upscale penthouses, many of the building’s walls are made out of glass.

If you’re ever lucky enough to come to stay at the Sky House, you’d be even luckier to lounge in the guest suite that features its own kitchenette and dining/living room area. While there’s plenty of room for the sprinting star’s guests to bask in, it’s the master bedroom that really takes the cake! After a night’s rest, Bolt could be awakened by the sun’s rays through massive wall-to-floor windows. Attached to the master bedroom is a spacious terraced garden, perfect for the athlete to practice his soccer moves and bask in Port Fredrick’s breathtaking scenery.

Amenities Fit For A Champion

Outback, the world’s fastest man, could unwind in his very own heated jacuzzi, garnished with a polished wooden panel. Jacuzzis are no doubt a paramount feature for a home of luxury. Above-ground tubs such as this can cost up to $25,000.

Another mind-blowing aspect of the massive building is that each floor could be easily accessed by Usain’s personal elevator. Who needs stairs when you can drop $35,000 to be transported to each room within seconds?

The kitchen is stocked with all sorts of showy, top-tier features suited perfectly for a lux lifestyle. State-of-the-art Miele appliances scatter that space as flawless caesar stone tiles adorn the benchtop. Seeing as how each tile usually goes for $500 per square foot, installing caesar stone is no joke!

Sky House After Bolt & His Kingston Manor

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While the sky House is certainly built to be the penthouse of champions, Bolt didn’t end up renting the pad for too long. In fact, he only lived in the house from August to November 2018. Within this brief time, the internationally acclaimed sprinter spent $1,100 per week to stay in this Centre Point mega home. He paid $17,400 within the thirteen weeks he lived there.

Shortly after Bolt moved out, the penthouse was put back on the market with an increased price tag of $2 million. Four months after the athlete had said his goodbyes to the stellar pad, it was purchased for $2.8 million.

The Olympian went on to live in his main property, a mansion in Kingston, Jamaica, worth $2.65 million. The massive abode is located near the University of the West Indies, where he ran and practiced with the Racers Track Club. There’s virtually no information about the estate, presumably for privacy reasons. Though, the home was the subject of a number of headlines when cops were called to for noise violation. Angry neighbors complained about wild parties raging on throughout all hours of the night. Their complaints were ultimately ignored by police, some would say because of Usain’s undoubtedly celebrity status.

Nowadays, Usain is looking to upgrade his already impressive business portfolio. In 2018, the sprinter co-founded an eclectic scooter company called Bolt Mobility. The company’s been making some big advancements within the past few weeks – from installing charging docks all around Europe to launching an in-app navigation feature. He’s also teaming up with a 3D dental printing company called SprintRay as their global ambassador. He’s currently developing Bolt Guard; a new sports guard dental line that’s said to be released next summer. Along with this, he’s working with SprintRay to help provide and promote proper dental care in underrepresented communities.

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