Ive spent £140,000 on my pets – they get £350 meals while I eat cheap noodles

A model has explained how she thinks of her pets as her “children” and has spent over $200,000 (£144,000) on caring for them.

Camila Elle, 22, from Florida, US, regularly shells out thousands on costly medications, food and toys for her three cats, Yuumi, Miso and Tigger, and dog, Zed.

And, she’s willing to go without herself in order to treat them.

Camila explained: “I love them more than anything in the world, they are my life. Of course I buy them the best of everything.

“I spend far more on them than I do on myself each month.

"I’ll think nothing of dropping $500 (£365) on something really tasty for their dinner but I’ll only have cheap noodles.”

Camila, who makes money sharing sexy snaps with her 62,000 Instagram followers, @camilaelle2, spent a small fortune acquiring the designer pets.

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She said: “Two of the cats are pedigree breeds and the other is an adopted black cat.

“Miso is a Persian and she cost $2,000, and Yuumi is a British Longhair, and she was also $2,000 (£1460).

“The most expensive was my dog Zed, who cost $4,000 (£2920).

“He’s so gorgeous, an Italian greyhound-whippet-mix, or “Whippig” for short.

“My pets are my children, that’s how I see them.”

Camila makes seven figures a year thanks to her OnlyFans page which allows her to splash out $1000 (£730) a month on her furry friends.

Which is almost as much per year as the average pet owner spends on a pet in their lifetime – between £16,000 and £33,000.

She said: “My fluffy kitties need to be groomed twice a month because of their long hair, which costs $150 (£109) each time.

“Miso is on Prozac because she's an anxious girl and that costs $50 (£37) a month for her prescription.

“When it comes to their diets I make sure they all eat raw food as it’s the best thing for them and their coats.

“I make sure they get the best delicate cuts, beef liver, chicken hearts, duck liver, minnows and muscles, greek yogurt.

“That usually comes to around $200 (£146) a week, unless it’s one of their birthdays so they’ll get something extra special.”

The cat-lover owns two treadmills for her pets and aromatic litter trays in each room.

Camila added: “I also have five cat towers around the house for them to play on and at the moment I’m having a custom-made cat tree being built.

“It’s going to cost $5,000 (£3650) and will be six feet wide and 10 feet tall with a real tree in the middle of it.”

Dog, Zed, isn’t left out either.

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She explained: "He’s so clever he gets bored of them very quickly.

“We go to the beach every day for walks and playing with the ball, which he loves.

“If I can’t take him because of work I’ll pay for a walker to take him out.

“Every week I also take Zed to see a police trainer so he can learn new tricks.”

Camila has 3ft tall paintings of her “babies” on the walls and takes each pet to the vets every six weeks which costs £220 a pop.

The model noted: “I definitely take better care of my pets than I do myself!

“I know I want to have children one day but Miso, Yuumi, Tigger and Zed will always be my first babies.”

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