Kate and Williams strong silent tie-sign suggests wonderful love – couples analysed

Meghan Markle ‘pushes Harry away’ says expert

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An expert has analysed Kate and William’s royal tour in the Caribbean last month, where the couple were seen spending a relaxed time together, and compared their non-verbal communication with that seen between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on their latest public appearance in the Netherlands during the Invictus Games.

Body language expert Judi James said that after a slightly shaky start to their tour, with the first visit being cancelled and “with some non-verbal signs of anxiety from William as he arrived in the country, William and Kate’s body language showed they managed to relax and get into their stride again”.

The expert claimed this can be seen as the couple use “some of the signature rituals that define them so well both as a loving couple and as a professional double-act”.

But what signs can be spotted between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showing their unquestionable strength as a couple and love for each other?

Judi said: “They use their usual mirroring techniques here, showing like-minded thinking, and there is the very strong, silent tie-sign as William tentatively samples the food that Kate already has a mouthful of while she watches him carefully to see if he approves.

“There’s also a return of their famously competitive traits as Kate doubles in laughter as her husband tries to grind some cocoa beans, clearly struggling whereas she had been quite successful in the same task.”

Judi added: “It’s Kate’s wonderful, close-up smile of affection and approval as she looks up at her husband’s face that really steals the show, though.

“He couldn’t want a better signal of morale-boosting support and love on this very important royal tour and the puckering around his own mouth shows he’s noted it and is subtly pinging his own reply back.

“The unique skill that this couple have as top-tier royals is their willingness and skill to get stuck in, so hopefully they will get some more challenging tasks to show their active side,” Judi explained.

Harry and Meghan’s appearance in the Netherlands for the Invictus Games last week was the first public engagement for the couple in a long time.

Body language expert Mark Bowden analysed some of their rituals and non-verbal communication on stage where the couple shared a kiss.

The expert said: “The kiss could be seen as a simple hand over gesture, rather like a baton is handed on in a relay race.

“As the Duke approaches we see some ‘adaptor’ gestures as he alters his clothing when leaving his seat in the audience, comes on stage, and approaches the Duchess.

“This could indicate a level of discomfort coming onto the stage. But no more than may be expected appearing in front of a large crowd.”

Mark continued: “Meghan does not yield the centre stage to Harry but receives a kiss in order to then give way to him.

“This block of the status position leaves him slightly off balance and again he adapts his clothing once the kiss is done, indicating some discomfort in the setting.

“Once again it is not unusual for such a public display of affection to cause discomfort.

“But in this situation, it seems to be amplified somewhat by the exchange of power that the kiss is being used for.”

Body language expert Judi James added, however, that Meghan’s “hand on her heart gesture signals a desire to show an ongoing love of the public”.

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