Kate Middleton’s body language shows she ‘stepped up to take over reins’ from William

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been part of the Royal Family since 2011. While Prince William has had a royal role his entire life, an expert explained Kate may have taken to the job more naturally.

The Duchess of Cambridge began carrying out duties shortly after her wedding to Prince William in April 2011.

She has done this both by herself and with other members of the Royal Family.

When stepping out with Prince William, body language expert Judi James commented on their royal roles.

The expert suggested they are happy to share the load of their senior duties.

“William and Kate have always role-shared,” Judi told Express.co.uk.

“Like a lot of couples that work together, they seem to take it in turns when it comes to taking the lead.”

Since the coronavirus lockdown relaxed, Kate and Prince William have thrown themselves back into work.

During recent outings, Judi claimed it is Kate who has been taking the lead.

She added: “Kate has often acted as support and confidence-booster for William in the past and she recently stepped up to take over the reins.”

While Kate has only been a royal for a relatively short amount of time, she has integrated easily.

This is something that has been shown when she has spoken out at recent royal events.

“Kate clearly has the natural ‘stardust’ factor that her husband lacks,” Judi continued.

“Kate has shown signs of a casting off of regal elegance and perfection and some hints of the kind of more relaxed, congruent passion and a desire to create bonds with her audience.

“Kate appears to be developing her individual style and potential as a speaker rather than focusing on being flawless.”

While in the Royal Family, Judi suggested that Kate has relaxed into her role.

By doing this, she may also have encouraged Prince William to take a similar approach to his role.

The expert stated: “William’s inherited status meant there was no need for any power-posturing, but Kate has always been careful to look traditionally, pitch-perfect regal.

“Her growing confidence in their well-defined double-act has led her to de-royal slightly now.

“Kate has relaxed to show her more casual and fun side.

“This seems to have been picked up by William who is also looking much less cautious and more relaxed recently.”

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