Khloe Kardashian Went To Prom With A Fan & He’s Got The Amazing Photos To Prove It

Every teenager wants their prom to be a night to remember — and for one lucky Kardashian superfan, it definitely was. Khloé Kardashian went to prom with a fan on Friday, May 31, and the photos the pair took in the photo booth will make you want to relive your entire prom experience, all over again.

The Good American founder rocked a backless, long-sleeved black dress and a low-sleek ponytail to attend prom at Hoover High School in Glendale, California alongside a fan named Narbeh. According to TMZ, Narbeh runs a Kardashian family fan account on Instagram, @narbehkardash, and the pair have been friendly since meeting at a fan event back in December. Narbeh even has several Instagram Story highlights on his page featuring DMs and birthday messages that he and Kardashian have exchanged in the months since.

"Took @khloekardashian as my date to prom…" the lucky student captioned a photo of himself and Kardashian posing in the prom’s photo booth. "So many more photos to come. I’m feeling over the moon." And lest anyone have any concerns about the props that Narbeh and Kardashian are using in their adorable snaps, he made sure to add that the "open bar" sign the reality star is holding is "a joke! It’s a high school prom there would never be an open bar."

While her night on the town with Narbeh is the first time that Kardashian has ever actually attended a prom herself, the reality star did consider attending with another fan back in 2017. David LeCours, went viral when he posted a video asking Kardashian to accompany him to his own senior prom in Massachusetts. "You’ve never been to prom, and I know if we went to prom together, it’d be a night to remember," LeCours says in the clip. "So, what do you say, Khloé? Do you think you can come keep up with me at prom?"

In response, the Good American founder gushed over how flattered she was by the teenagers’ offer and video invite on Twitter. "David!!! Why are you the cutest?!?!?!" she wrote at the time. "I am seeing if I can go! I won’t know for a few weeks though. You are so bomb for this video!! … You made my day boo!!!!!! We would have the best time!! I hope I can go!"

While Kardashian wasn’t able to attend with LeCours, her younger sister has also made headlines for taking a fan to prom in the past. In April 2017, Kylie Jenner made a surprise appearance at Rio Americano High School’s junior prom on the arm of fan Albert Ochoa, which the Kylie Cosmetics founder documented on social media. On an episode of Life of Kylie, Jenner explained that attending with Ochoa was a chance for her to have the high school experience that she missed out on when she was a teenager.

After explaining to her stylist that she missed out on prom because she was "homeschooled," Jenner added that she was really heartbroken by being left out of typical high school activities. "It was really sad, actually. I had to unfollow all of my friends that I went to school with," Jenner recalled. "They probably all thought I hated them but I just couldn’t see it. Because they would always post photos and they were all at the prom and I [thought] ‘I just can’t see it.’ It just made me sad."

The Kardashian and Jenner sisters might not have been able to attend their own proms when they were in high school, but in the process of making some lucky fans’ dreams come true, they’ve been able to make some of their own come true as well.

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