Lil Nas X Takes On Executive Role At Taco Bell

Lil Nas X may be worth a cool $14 million now, but it wasn’t long ago that he worked at Taco Bell, serving food to hungry customers. As a man from humble beginnings, he has looked back at where he came from… and has gone back there again. Lil Nas X is now an employee of Taco Bell once again, but this time, his terms of employment are a whole lot different than they were when he first took on a job with the franchise in 2017.  A new position has been created for him, and he is now considered to be Taco Bell’s ‘Chief Impact Officer.’  This role was created especially for Lil Nas X, and People reports that he intends to fuse his celebrity status with Taco Bell’s franchise, to create new menu options, exciting new fan opportunities to interact with the star, and of course, to generate buzz in a whole new way, generating more money for both parties.

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Lil Nas X is working at Taco Bell once again, but this time the capacity of his role is entirely different than it was when he first started there. Now a bonified star, and a celebrity in his own right, Lil Nas X is lending his status and influence to Taco Bell to generate more interest in the franchise and create exciting new opportunities to generate income.  This creates an entirely new income stream for the musical artist, and Taco Bell is reaping the benefits of all the new attention being brought to their brand.

The new position he has taken on was created just for him, and it’s not yet entirely clear what the role will include, but for now, fans can rest assured that it means there will definitely be some menu changes coming, and there will be ample opportunities for Taco Bell customers to meet Lil Nas X in person.

NBC News reports that; “The fast-food chain’s collaboration with the Georgia native kicks off with a campaign tied to its breakfast menu, which is set to return to most restaurants within the next month. The partnership will also focus on Lil Nas X’s upcoming debut album, “Montero,” and new menu items.” He is also said to be supporting Taco Bell’s charitable associations.

More and more, big brands are discovering the benefits of teaming up with young, outspoken celebrities to help promote their brands and generate more interest from the younger generation.  Lil Nas X has recently stormed the headlines with his uninhibited voice and his confident ability to unapologetically be himself. His fresh, bold presence is attractive to consumers, and Taco Bell is excited to have his support and enthusiastic participation in their franchise.

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Sources: NBC News, People

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