Line Of Duty fans shocked to discover Scot Martin Compston's real accent after years of playing Southerner Steve Arnott

THE search for criminal mastermind H is not the only thing that is a mystery as fans are stunned to learn Martin Compston’s real accent.

After years of playing DI Steve Arnott in the BBC hit crime show Line of Duty, viewers were not expecting to hear a very different Scottish accent come out of the actor.

The 36-year-old star was a guest on The Jonathon Ross Show on Saturday night, alongside co-star Vicky McClure who plays DI Kate Fleming.

People at home took to Twitter to share their amazement after hearing Martin’s original accent, after almost a decade of portraying Londoner DI Steve Arnott.

One fan wrote: "The most surprising thing on The Jonathan Ross Show tonight was Martin Compston's Scottish accent.”

Another penned: “brain does not compute."

And another said: “Okay so why did I never know that the actor for Steve Arnott was actually Scottish, mind blown.”

Martin told Jonathon Ross people are shocked to learn he is from Scotland apart from the people in Scotland.

Martin said: “It can be hard, that dialogue on its own would be hard anyway, throw the accent in there.”

“The scene we did the other night, 30-pager, trying to juggle the accent at the same time. When we're away from it for a long time, when I do that voice I can hear him, it's like a costume.”

He continued: “If you're in these scenes with these amazing actors, amazing guest stars, it's intimidating enough without worrying about the accent. Speaking to the wife and stuff I'll drop it, I very much stay in it [on set].”

Fans are waiting for the upcoming final episode of series six of Line of Duty tonight –  hoping to finally find out the identity of H.

Talking about the finale, Martin teased that fans will get some “big answers” and he admitted he believes it could be the “perfect ending” to the police drama.

Meanwhile, a mum-of-three and Line of Duty fan has made a huge evidence board in a bid to discover the identity of H ahead of tonight's finale.

Line of Duty concludes tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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