Love Island’s Chloe Burrows undergoes hilarious beauty makeover with help from Toby

Would you trust your boyfriend to apply your full face of makeup for you? Probably not, but Love Island finalist Chloe Burrows was brave enough to let her villa beau Toby Aromolaran give it a go.

The couple are seen playfully bantering over beauty products in Chloe’s latestYouTube uploadtitled: “My boyfriend does my makeup”.

“Today we’re going to do a get ready with me. Toby’s going to do my makeup, he’s seen me do my own enough to know what’s what,” Chloe says, introducing the purpose of the video. “He’s got all the tools and stuff. I want like a bronzy, soft glam.”

“I’m in control!” Toby responds eagerly.

The aim of the game is that Chloe can give him instructions on the steps, but she ultimately has no control over how he applies each product.

Unsurprisingly, Toby seems to fall at the first hurdle when he confuses a MAC powder highlighter for a primer. Chloe steps in and directs him towards the correct product.

“Mary actually put me onto this in Love Island, I use this,” Chloe says, holding up Weleda Skin Food, £9.37 here. “It’s bloody brilliant.”

Toby then goes in, somewhat haphazardly, with a makeup sponge and NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, £26.55 here.

“Concealer next,” Chloe prompts her boyfriend, who picks up a blusher instead. Finally settling on a compact, Toby applies the powder to her face, clearly unaware of his grave error in product choice.

“No, what’s that face for?!” Chloe asks, as Toby moves on to her brows. At this stage, we think it’s probably for the best that the blonde beauty doesn’t have access to a mirror. Toby then correctly locates a bronzer (Benefit Hoola Bronzer, £27.50 here) for the contour section of the activity, looking rather impressed by his efforts.

Toby seems to breeze through the blusher and mascara segments, though why he adds mascara to Chloe’s faux lash-laden peepers, we have no idea.

Highlighter is the final stage of his mission. “We’re just using Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzing Powder [£39 here] as a highlighter,” Chloe chides. Undeterred, Toby applies it to the lower sections of her face (?), chin and forehead.

“I’m stunned,” Toby says, sitting back to admire Chloe’s face.

“If you saw me in a bar would you fancy me?” his girlfriend asks, to which he brutally responds: “No.”

Chloe finally gets to look at herself in the mirror and is stunned by the results.

“It’s actually not bad, natural. You’ve done well!” she says, pointing out that the video would have actually been much better had he completely messed up.

Whatever Chloe looks like, we just love watching both of them on video!

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