Makeup tip to master for totally different results on mature eyes

Makeup artist shows how to lift a mature face with cream products

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The eye area is one of the first parts of the face to show signs of ageing and can often look worse when you apply layers of makeup under or on the eyelids. While many people avoid products like eyeshadow for fear of creating a cakey finish, a beauty expert explained that certain shades can effectively hide wrinkles and fine lines. In a recent video on her TikTok profile, professional makeup artist Chelsea Sutter shared why smokey eyeshadow is the ideal look for mature complexions.

Sharing her wisdom with her followers, Chelsea shared her “awesome tip” for those with ageing concerns around the eyes.

She said: “Chances are with your mature eyes as you’ve been getting older, you’ve been noticing that the skin has lost its elasticity. So how do you combat that? Number one – master a smokey eye.”

In the video, the makeup artist demonstrated her technique by comparing different makeup looks on her eyes. On one side, she wore a blend of neutral brown shades without the smokey effect.

On the other, she showed the impact of using a more smokey effect that goes higher up to her brow bone and underneath her lower lash line.

Chelsea noted that “you notice a huge difference”, with the smokey eye appearing less “aged” than the one without the extra eyeshadow on.

She said: “You want to know why? I took a fluffy brush with a darker shade that I put on for this specific smokey eye and then I just brought it up higher.

“It went over the skin that’s a little more wiggly for me and then boom. Look at this – totally different.”

While the TikTok beauty expert demonstrated the tip on her own eyes, she explained that it can be used on any shape.

One of her followers commented: “I have not only mature eyes, but small eyes so wearing eyeshadow is pointless for me.”

The makeup professional replied: “With a few adjustments you can totally wear eyeshadow. If your eye is even more hooded keep it as smokey as possible and pop the shimmer in the tear duct and over that dark purple.”

In a separate video, Chelse showed fellow TikTok users exactly how to recreate the eyeshadow look. She started by applying a light cream concealer shade on her eyelids with a fluffy brush.

The beauty expert said: “That’s the first thing you’re going to do is get something on the eyes to even out the skin tone and give the eyeshadow something to stick to.

“That means you have to pull up from the arch to get into your skin. Then you need a fluffy brush and a pointed brush to apply a medium brown tone.”

Chelsea noted that you can “use any colour” though it should not be too dark or light. After dipping the brush into the palette, she tapped the brush off to remove the excess.

For hooded eyes, she recommended placing the shadow right in the outer corner of the eyes near the lashline in a “windshield swipe” motion to blend it out.

You should keep adding the colour in the corner of the eye and on the lower lash line. The next step is to use a darker colour in the same area.

Chelsea said: “This time get into the corner of the lid, keep it nice and tight and small to get all that makeup off your brush.

“And then that’s the trick. If you can’t get that makeup onto the skin and off the brush, that’s why it gets everywhere.” To do this, the beauty expert recommended keeping the brush “far back” with a light touch rather than “smashing” it onto your eyelids.

She explained that to complete the look, you should continue building the outer corner with a darker shade of eyeshadow to create the smokey effect.

In the inner corner of the eye and on the lid, you can dab a light shimmery shade in a gold tone for warmer skin tones or a silver shade for lighter complexions.

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