Meat Eaters Can Now Get Paid To Vegan For Three Months

If you’re a meat-eater on the fence about going vegan, would $2500 convince you to at least give the lifestyle a try?

People around the world are giving up on eating meat and dairy products for a wealth of different reasons. To try and save the planet, for their own health, or simply because they don’t like the idea of consuming animals and animal products. Around 3.5% of Americans are vegan. That might not seem like many, but just four years ago that number was a mere 0.4%.

Chances are if you haven’t yet hopped aboard the vegan bandwagon, you have at least considered doing so. Even if that thinking was nothing more than the realization that you couldn’t possibly live your life without burgers, or chicken, or cheese. Well, would you reconsider that if there was a significant chunk of change on the line?

Metro reports that a multivitamin brand called We Are Feel is paying people $2500 to go vegan for three months. Participants will be a part of the company’s research as it tries to discover which vitamins and nutrients people run short on due to adopting a vegan diet, and attempts to replenish them using their products. It will require a little more from those chosen than merely cutting out meat and dairy, though.

Participants in the research will also have to take and send blood samples to the company once a week. Nothing involving syringes or anything like that, just a drop or two from a pinprick to the finger, the same way in which people with diabetes test their blood. Speaking of which, people with diabetes, obesity, and hyperthyroidism will not be able to take part in the study.

The first month will require nothing more from chosen participants than following a strict vegan diet and sending those samples. We Are Feel will monitor those samples, keeping an eye out for vitamins people are lacking due to cutting meat and dairy out of their diet. The vitamins will then be added to the mix during the second month. If you want to give it a try, you can apply to be a part of the study at We Are Feel’s website. No one who has already turned vegan can apply, you have to have been eating meat regularly for at least the past six months.

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