Meghan Markle and Harry gone from being ‘apologetic exiles’ to ‘media royalty’ post-Megxit

Meghan Markle and Harry: Expert says William may be 'bothered'

Meghan Markle, 39, and Prince Harry, 36, shook the monarchy to its core when they released a bombshell statement outlining their intentions to step back last year. The extraordinary message was shared on the couple’s now-defunct Sussex Royal Instagram account without the Queen’s prior knowledge.

In the days following the announcement crisis talks between Prince Harry and senior members of the Firm were held at Sandringham and a royal exit agreement was reached.

In March, Meghan and Harry relinquished their status as senior royals and stepped back from the monarchy for good.

Since then the couple have relocated to the USA where they have settled with their son Archie Harrison and are expected to remain for the foreseeable future.

While they were expected to launch their new non-profit organisation Archewell soon after stepping back the project was put on hold amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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However, Meghan and Harry got 2021 off to a meaningful start by finally launching their Archewell website.

They marked the important milestone by sharing an emotional message to fans on the new site.

The couple’s “A Letter for 2021” on struck a much more confident note than their royal exit message, a language expert has claimed.

Language analyst and author Judi James has compared the statement Meghan and Harry released to announce their royal exit with the one they recently shared to inaugurate Archewell and has shared her findings.

Judi told “Comparing these two historic messages from Harry and Meghan shows the profound and irrevocable change in the couple’s self-perception and sense of purpose and status that has occurred over the last year.”

In reference to the royal exit message, Judi claimed Harry and Meghan seem like “exiles.”

She said: “The first message is steeped in Harry’s royal role and connections.

“It is his voice we hear and Meghan only gets a credit as the ‘Duchess of Sussex’.”


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Judi added: “The tone sounds apologetic from these royals-in-exile.”

The expert went as far as to compare Harry’s tone to that of his great-great-uncle, King Edward VIII who brought shame on the monarchy with his abdication in 1936.

Judi said: “Like the abdicating King Edward VIII, Harry sounds keen to explain his actions while defining himself as still loyal to the Crown and the country he is quitting.

“His loyalty to country, Queen and family is emphatic, as is his intention to remain within the Firm.”

The expert added: “He underlines his intention to work ‘within this institution’ as ‘members of the Royal Family.’

“And his knee is almost audibly bent to his grandmother as he refers to ‘support HM the Queen’ and ‘duty to The Queen, commonwealth and appreciation of royal tradition.’

“Despite their rifts, Harry is still firmly in family mode here too, talking of ‘collaboration with HM the Queen, the Prince of Wales and The Duke of Cambridge’.”

According to Judi, Meghan and Harry’s tone in their parting message is “apologetic.”

She said: “The mention of future plans is light and only refers to a ‘charitable entity’ and the overall structure is totally royal, starting with the rather rambling opening sentence consisting of twenty-nine words that leads gradually and reflectively through apologetic sentiments about ‘many months’ of ‘reflection and internal discussion.’

“This choice of wording was presumably aimed at showing how hard a decision it has been for the Prince who is apparently trying to quash any idea that he has quit the UK in a bit of a strop.”

By contrast, Judi claims the couple’s Archwell message sees them flex their newfound celebrity status.

She said: “Move forward a year to the Archewell statement and we can see how powerfully the Prince has swapped Windsor for West Coast and how comprehensively the couple appear to have cut ties with their lives as royals.”

Judi added: “The tone is confident to the point of challenging and it lets us know that these once fleeing royals are now media royalty with their own mission statement as a US power-couple in the style of the Obamas and the Clooneys.”

According to the expert, Harry seems to take pleasure in the new freedom he has found away from the Royal Family.

She said: “Harry appears to have ‘drained the swamp’ as they say in the US and he now describes and defines himself in the first line ‘I am my mother’s son’.

“He is now a man with his own family and his own power base and he has altered his tone accordingly, bursting out of the ashes of his exile to suggest new strength, status and sense of purpose.”

Judi claimed Meghan and Harry’s Archewell message sees them reflect on their royal past as something of a “struggle.”

She said: “The vague mention of charity work as been replaced by something much bigger and more global in scope.

“The new brand is all about building a ‘better world’ and enlisting fans to help them.

“The loyal and loving parting from Harry’s past is now referred to as them both being ‘In the face of fear, struggle and pain’.”

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